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Alamo Key & Lock provides trusted Ignition Switch Repair services in Houston and Surrounding areas.

Our expert Ignition Switch Repair experts have the knowledge and experience to create a new key. Our experienced staff is highly trained to handle many Ignition Switch Repair services for many types of vehicles.

how to fix a broken ignition switch?

Obviously most car owners would like to fix or replace their ignition switch on their own without the need of a licensed technician. Indeed, there are many ignition switch repair how-to’s online. Thus, DIYing your own repair is always an option for skillful and technically included car owners. However, replacing and fixing an ignition switch can be a challenging task for a newcomer and home handyman. Specifically, many parts need to be removed before the ignition switch is accessible for repair or replacement.

For example, in most vehicles, in order to remove the ignition switch, a technician has to disconnect the battery, remove the steering wheel, remove some of the plastic covering around the ignition switch, and then finally have access to the housing of the switch itself. Although for some this may not sound like much, in fact removing a steering wheel can be tricky. For this reason alone it is worth hiring a locksmith to do the job for you.

what’s the benefit of hiring a car locksmith to fix my ignition switch?

Another reason Alamo Key & Lock suggests hiring a locksmith rather than trying to fix the ignition yourself, is that many newer model cars feature electronic circuitry around the steering wheel housing and the ignition switch housing.

Even though you may be a precise home handy person, if you damage your wiring and electronics while working on your vehicle, you might accidentally void warranties on the car. In addition, you might unintentionally break another electric part.


should i repair or replace my ignition switch?

While it would be easy to give a glib answer online about whether you should replace or repair your ignition switch, the truth is that the locksmith on site will have a better answer for you. Often times customers think that the ignition switch needs to be repaired or replaced, when in fact it’s only the car key that is broken! Thus Alamo Key & Lock highly recommends that you leave that decision to the locksmith on site to give you the best guidance as to whether to repair your ignition switch or install a new one.

In fact, ignition switches can stop working properly for many different reasons, some of which have nothing to do with the switch itself. While typical problems our locksmiths see with car ignition switches include loose fittings, stiff car key turning, jammed keys, and ignitions that don’t turn over, some of these issues have to do with other car parts and not the ignition itself. Specifically, the most likely issues arising from the ignition itself has to do with the car key alone, and not any other part of the car.

Houston Car Locksmiths You Can Rely on

Thus, Houston residents who have a broken ignition switch will likely need a professional locksmiths help to repair or replace it. Despite the skill of many car owners to work on their cars, the safety and reliability you get from a professional auto locksmith is worth the cost.


Indeedif Houston area customers want a trusted name in car lock and key repair, they should call Alamo Key & Lock. Firstly, our locksmiths over 100% satisfaction guaranteed service. Secondly, we’ve been in business since 1982, helping Houston customers get back into their cars, replace and repair car ignitions, and more for over 35 years. In fact, one of our company beliefs is that integrity and good customer service matters more than making an extra buck. Third, Alamo Key & Lock is a home grown, Houston led, community driven locksmith company. For this reason our locksmiths offer 20% discount to all veterans and senior citizens of Houston who need locksmith services.

Importantly, for those Houston customers who have an ignition interlock device on their vehicle, please let our locksmith know on the phone call with him. Often times these devices can change the way the locksmith gets to the ignition.


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