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THE MOST TRUSTED 24 HOUR Car and Auto Lock Replacement Locksmith IN HOUSTON TX

Alamo Key and Lock is Your #1 Car and Auto Lock Replacement Locksmith in Houston. Call (713) 688-3887


Alamo Key and Lock provides top quality Lock Replacement services in the Houston and Surrounding areas.

Because our expert Lock Replacement experts have the knowledge and experience to create a new key and replace a lock indeed you don’t have to. In fact, our experienced staff is highly trained to handle any Car Lock Replacement services for nearly all types of vehicles.

With this in mind if you’ve lost your car key and need it replaced, Alamo Key & Lock can have your replacement key done in minutes. Indeed although some cars don’t even use metal keys anymore, many still do. Additionally Alamo Key & Lock can replace all kinds of lost or stolen car keys, including transponder keys, chip keys, and other keyless entry devices.

However, just replacing a car key may not be enough protection when your key has been lost or stolen. Importantly since someone else might have your key, the safest option with the least risk, is to replace your car door locks. Thus after your car door locks are replaced, no one with a key to the old locks will be able to get in your car.

However, although replacing your car door locks has the benefit of added safety, it can be more costly than most customers want to pay. Fortunately, there’s a much cheaper option, which still gives you all the benefits of added safety.

Costs of replacing a car lock

While Alamo Key & Lock services can replace car locks, our auto locksmiths highly recommend to instead rekey the car door lock. In fact, replacing an auto lock requires you to remove the entire hardware of the lock, this can be a more expensive option. Furthermore, if the only reason you want to replace the lock is because you lost the car key, rekeying the lock is a much better option.

What is rekeying a car lock?

Indeed, when a locksmith rekeys a lock, he takes out the internal pin tumblers of the door lock and replaces them with new ones. As a result of changing out the pin tumbler cylinder, the lock will still function great and you don’t have to worry about someone else walking with a key that works for your car. In addition, another benefit of rekeying a car lock rather than replacing the lock is that you get to keep the original door lock hardware on the car door. Therefore, the cost is lower. However if you want to change the locks on multiple doors, rekeying a car door lock instead can result in significant savings.

Finally, more and more auto’s on the road use keyless entry systems, so that rekeying or changing a lock is less important. Nonetheless you want to be the only driver with a key to your car if your car uses a key.

In conclusion if customers search for the right Automotive Houston Locksmith Services then they’ll find Alamo Key & Lock. Indeed our Houston auto locksmiths will come to your vehicle when you need your car keys replaced or door lock changed. Night or day, rain, sleet or shine. Somebody will be there to assist you and get you back into that vehicle as quickly as they can. In conclusion, professional locksmiths will be able to deal with your car key and lock problem in minutes most of the time.


Certainly getting into a car which has damaged locks or missing keys is challenging. However, the right Automotive Houston Lock Replacement Services provider can change your locks and replace your car keys in under an hour.

To summarize, if you want to ask our locksmiths any questions and get a quote, call Alamo Key & Lock today at (713) 688-3887.

Afterall, our car locksmiths travel to you, perform 100% satisfaction guaranteed work, and are licensed and insured. Thus you know you and your car are in safe hands.


Alamo Key and Lock Lock Replacement Locksmiths in Houston TX are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured to make sure we provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service when it comes to your Lock Replacement Locksmith needs.

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