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THE MOST TRUSTED 24 HOUR Burglary Damage Repair Locksmith IN HOUSTON TX

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Alamo Key and Lock provides Burglary Damage Repair Locksmith services in the Houston and Surrounding areas.

One of the most frustrating and appaling experiences a homeowner can have is burglary. As safety professionals, Alamo Key and Lock understands the disappointment, fear, and sense of insecurity that can accompany a burglary. For this reason we created the Burglary Damage Repair Service. Our professional locksmiths treat with special care any homeowner and home that has been broken into. Therefore, we created the Burglary Damage Repair service to address the concerns of Houstonians who had been burglared. 

Our experienced Burglary Damage Repair locksmiths are highly trained and considerate during this troubling time.

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Houston house broken into

Burglary Damage Repair services needed on this unfortunate home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burglary Damage Repair

Are tenants liable for burglary damage?

Unfortunately the answer is not simple and straightforward. The best place to look is in your lease. This document can help explain who is responsible when a thief strikes. Considerations for burglary liability include the tenants belongings and damages to the building itself. After reading through your lease, Alamo Key and Locks recommends this straightforward law journal article to help you get more answers.

How to Avoid having your house broken into?

  • secure sliding doors and windows.

    Burglers often try to go in through side doors, patio doors, and windows because most homeowners neglect these security weaknesses. Oftentimes windows and patio doors prevent an intruder from entering only because they are shut. Always remember to lock your sliding doors and windos. Extra protection like window guards and bars and more advanced sliding door locks can help, too.

  • Don’t show off your valuable possessions

    Instead of keeping your fancy cars and other nice possessions visible from the street, keep them out of site. As simple as this tactic may seem, it helps. If robbers don’t suspect you have valuables in your house they are less likely to take the risk of entering. Keep your blinds shuttered at night so that thiefs can’t easily look in. Instead of posting your flat screen TV and other electronics on a wall, put them in armoir that can close, and do this for other devices too like an XBox. The less that is visible from the outside, the less likely burglers are to break in.

  • Keeping your lights on

    When you’re lights are on, burglers might think you’re still home. So rather than try to save on the electric bill at night, turn on the lights. A couple lights on in the house can fool many would-be thiefs, and a motion-sensor light near the garage or back of the house, where windows are, are good deterrants, too.

  • Keep house clean and tidy

    Many thiefs would rather ransack a home that isn’t as well taken care of, because it can seem as though the homeowners neglect the house and may not be home. Yet a house that is well taken care of, clean from the outside, and doesn’t show off, can show that the homeowner cares about his or her house and will have defenses the thief may not want to face.

  • Don’t leave out a spare key.

    Instead give a spare to a neighbor or a couple friends you deeply trust.

  • surveillance systems

    Install a camera system to keep thiefs wary of breaking into your home. In fact, in some temporary cases, like when you’re home is being remodeled or it’s new construction, a cheap $10 fake camera can do just as well in a pinch.

What to do after your house gets broken into

call the police and file a report, take documentation of the break in, check for anything missing, clean up the mess, get a home security audit and have the damages repaired. if you are leasing, check your lease for who is liable for the damages.

My house was broken into last night, now what? What to do when your house has been broken into?

Follow these simple steps to respond to a home break in. It can be emotional and difficult to focus when you’re house has break broken into. Call on the support of your friends, neighbors and family to help you through this tough ordeal.

call the police and file a report

The first thing to do is call the police and file a report. This way the police might be able to track down the thieves and recover your possessions. This move will always help you recover any reimbursement from an insurance claiim.

Document the damages

Document the damages and the mess left by the thieves, which will also help you with the police report and insurance claim.

Clean up the mess

Have your friends and family help you so you don’t have to do this emotional task alone. But it’s good to clean up the mess so that you are not living in it.

File an insurance claim

Since the thieves likely broke and took something, you’ll need to know what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t. And since insuance can be slow, it’s best to get them notified right away.

Re-secure your house

If a door or window was broken in order to get into your house, you’ll need to replace or repair it. For this reason we recommend calling a professional locksmith and using our Burglary Damage Repair Service. Alamo Key & Lock has been helping Houston residents for over 35 years repair Burglary Damage. As part of resecuring your house, make sure that these services are at least done

 Rekey your locks

In the event that the thief is someone you know with a copy of your key, you should rekey your locks. This is a sad event but it’s not uncommon. Realtors, construction crew, former locksmiths, anyone who found your spare key — there’s many ways someone might have your key without you knowing.

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