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24 HOUR Combination Locks Locksmith IN HOUSTON TX

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COMBINATION LOCK Services in Houston

Alamo Key & Lock helps Houston customers with all kinds of combination lock issues, including:

  • Repairing and installing combination locks
  • Cracking a combination lock
  • Replacing a combination lock when you’ve lost the combination.

Call Alamo Key & Lock now to get help with any of these combination lock issues! Don’t see your problem here? Call us anyway and we’ll see how we can help! Call (713) 688-3887!

What’s the benefit of using combination locks?

Combination locks are awesome because you don’t need key. Typically combination locks can be the same as keypads or combination pad locks. However there are some differences. Have you ever been to the gym and needed to use a small combo lock to secure your locker? That’s a simple, standard combination lock.

Many apartments, condo’s and other businesses use combination codes instead of keys because it’s easier to update the combination than give everyone a new key. Plus, when you change the combination, the old code no longer works. However, in order to make it so the old key no longer works, you have to rekey or replace the whole lock. For this reason combination locks are a lot more convenient.

Another benefit to combination locks is that they are often programmable. Electronic programmable combo locks let you enter different combinations for different purposes. For example, you can give a maid combination access for certain times of day and days of the week. Meanwhile a guest can have a code for one week which abruptely expires.

Interested in getting a combination lock put on your home or business door? Call Alamo Key & Lock now to get one installed or repaired! Call (713) 688-3887!

Why Use Alamo Key & Lock to help with combination locks? 

Alamo Key & Lock has been doing business in Houston for over 35 years. We know our locks. And our keys for that matter. In fact we sell combination locks at our local store! Come visit us in person and talk to a combination lock locksmith face to face. 

Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Residential Services

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