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ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM For your Houston Business!

Alamo Key & Lock has provided access control system installation and consultation since 1982 in Houston.

Alamo Key and Lock provides top quality Commercial Access Control Systems Locksmith services in the Houston and Surrounding areas. Sometimes Our expert Commercial Access Control Systems Locksmith experts have the knowledge and experience to create a new key. Our experienced staff is highly trained to handle many Commercial Access Control Systems Locksmith services for many types of vehicles.

Since Alamo Key & Lock has helped repair and install access control for over 3 years, we put together this simple FAQ list to help business owners understand what access control is. 

But the best way to learn about access control is getting on the phone. Our licensed locksmiths and security experts do commercial security audits and answer questions for free over the phone. You’ll never get a call center. As a community-grown, home town Houston locksmith company, we pride ourselves on our customer service. 

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what are access control systems?

Access control systems do just what the name implies, which is to give you control over who has access to your business. Without access control, literally anyone from off the street can walk into your business and do whatever they like. Although this might be good for high street trafficked businesses like the Gap or Jamba Juice, for more other businesses it’s not a pretty picture. If you have jewelry, pharmaceutical supplies, or any other high-end merchandise, access control might be essential for protecting your property. 

How do access control systems work? 

There’s many custom setups for access control, but they all operate under the same principle – you decide who can enter and when. For example, a buzzer access control system uses a simple buzzer to buzz someone in, or not. Usually the buzzer is placed behind a desk with an easy access for employees. And there are remote buzzers too. Another kind of access control system is keyless access control, using keypads and key cards instead of keys or buzzers. 

why are access control systems important?

Access control systems allow the business owner or manager to decide who can enter or not enter a business. Since most burglaries are people who live near the target business, it’s more important than ever that you know and track who enters your store or office. For this reason access control systems often compliment surveillance systems and security camera installations. 

what happens if i dont have an access control system for my office?

Well, nothing, technically. But you may have an impending sense of risk with each person who enters your office or business that you don’t know. Have you ever been to a pawn shop late at night without a buzzer? Or been to a large business that didn’t have key card identification? These businesses know that they put themselves at risk when they skip on access control. 

how can i fix or install an access control system? 

We don’t recommend business owners trying to DIY their own access control systems. In fact, you’ll likely do more harm than good. Access control systems can range wildly from the simple one-buzzer setup to hundreds of key cards, multiple access points, and more. For this reason it’s best to hire a processional locksmith and security expert to repair and install your access control system. 





Alamo Key and Lock Commercial Access Control Systems Locksmiths in Houston TX are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured to make sure we provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service when it comes to your Access Control Systems Locksmith needs.

What is Access Control?

In a nut shell: 

  • You decide who can enter your business and when.
  • Buzzer, keyless, keycard entry 
  • remote devices
  • Compliments surveillance systems 
  • Custom configurations for evey business type 
Mounted keypad and fingerprint access control device.

Access control devices like this keypad and fingerprint scanner protect your business from unwanted guests.