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Alamo Key & Lock performs commercial door lock and key changes, repairs, and fresh installations.

Fired an employee who still has a key to your building and didn’t return it?

Worried that previous the previous construction crew still has keys to your new commercial property?

Are your storefront and other business door handles stiff and difficult to turn?

Have you been thinking about changing out all your stiff door keys for new keyless keypads?

Alamo Key & Lock has helped Houston business owners like you for more than 35 years. Founded in 1982, Alamo Key & Lock offers 24 hour, 7 day a week commercial locksmithing services.

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why rekey or change a door lock?

In the event that you buy a new business property or fire an employee, business owners need to consider rekeying the locks or changing the locks out of their doors. Door locks all have the same keys, at least in a good master key system. If employees who were fired want revenge, they may use the key they have to steal or vandalize your business.

Although this is a terrible thing to happen, robberies are not unheard of. In fact, Alamo Key & Lock has had to replace and change door locks for businesses who learned the hard way. They fired an employee, an act within their right, and did not change the locks. Very shortly afterward, they were burglarized. The security doors were not picked. Instead, they were simply opened by someone who had the key. Don’t let this to happen to your business! Protect your property from vandalism by disgruntled ex-employees by changing your door locks.

Another reason to change your door locks is after buying a new business. Since many people had access to the building before you bought it, they’ll still have access to the building afterward. Would you rather wonder how many people are out there with keys to your new business property? Or simply rekey the locks. Besides, rekeying a lock isn’t the same thing as changing out the door lock, and is cheaper. (More on that below). Many people might have keys to the building youbought: construction workers, brokers, contractors, and anyone they gave keys to, too. Alamo Key & Lock highly recommends that you hire a commercial locksmith to reky the locks.

Houston locksmith creates new commercial door lock

The Owner of Alamo Key & Lock Ron Pinhas installing a commercial door lock on a fresh door.

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Should I change door locks or rekey door locks?

Once you’ve decided to rekey your locks, before you start you should decide if you want to change the locks entirely

Why would you change out commercial door locks? There are many reasons.

Benefits of Changing Door Locks

Some of the benefits of changing out your door locks are to gain extra security by upgrading to more secure locks — heavy duty locks or high security locks. Another reaon is if the door locks on your business property are stiff, loose, or tight, they likely need repair by a professional locksmith anyway. Instead of spending money on repairing old locks, it may be time to replace your locks or get new ones.

And to be clear, Alamo Key & Lock isn’t requiring any specific decision to be made when rekeying your locks. Instead, this moment when you need a locksmith anyway is a good one to look at all of your door lock options.

replacing keys

Replacing commercial door lock keys is a simple task that our professional locksmith can do in a matter of minutes. Our locksmiths will travel to your business, and usually arrive within 30 minutes. Since Houston has bad traffic during rush hour, it may take up to 45. In either case, our locksmith will always update you of his ETA en route to your business.

When replacing keys, it’s important to know a few keys points.

how can i replace a commercial key?

First, locksmiths will not be able to replace any lost keys on high security locks that have manufacturer-specified do-not-duplicate requirements. In the case that you lose a do-not-duplicate high security lock key, you must have proof of ownership of the lock in order for the locksmith to duplicate the key. Although sometimes a hassle for business owners, this policy ultimately protects the business owner and the locksmith.

what are the benefits of rekeying a commercial door lock?

Second, business owners should strongly consider rekeying a commercial door lock if a key has been lost or stolen. Unlike house keys or even car keys, it can be obvious to a thief which business the stolen key belongs to. For example, imagine this scenario: a thief steals a car key at a mall. He or she will be hard pressed to identify the car it belongs to in a massive parking garage. On the other hand, a thief steals a business key from an employee at the place of business. In this case, it’s now obvious which business the stolen keys belong to. Therefore, instead of simply replacing lost keys or duplicating stolen commercial keys, strongly consider rekying the entire lock.

The benefit of rekeying a lock is that previous keys that were stolen no longer fit the lock. Simply copy the new key and give it to your employees and throw out the old keys.

How to rekey a lock?

An easy way to imagine rekeying a lock is to think of a commercial door lock has two main parts. For this scenario, let’s use a typical commercial pin tumbler lock.

One, the door lock hardware that mounts the lock to the door and the door to the door frame. On the door, this equipment includes mounting plates, screws, and lock housing. And on the other side, the mounting hardware for the doorframe, which is usually a recessed bolt hole. Two, the commercial lock hardware that actually locks the door to the door frame. This lock hardware includes the door knob or latch, the cylinder, the retainer ring and plug, the spindle, and the tumbler pin wheels.

When a locksmith rekeys a lock, he or she only replaces pieces of the hardware of the second part of the lock, the internal locking device. In other words, a locksmith fundamentally only needs to change out the pins of the locking mechanism. So all of the other hardware, including the door knob or latch, remain the same.

More Commercial Security Options

Security on a commercial door doesn’t end with the commercial lock that’s installed. There are many other options and additions to beef up security. 

High Security Locks

High Security locks have more robust hardware, more pins, and better mounting to keep your doors safe. Check out our High Security Locks page for a full write up. 

High Security Padlocks and Maximum Security Bars

Padlocks can range in strength, security, and durability from standard padlocks to Heavy Duty to High Security. The right padlock for you for your gate, fence, or other set up is based on your needs. 

Maximum security bars are an awesome security feature to use on your commercial doors. Especially useful for your back doors, warehouses, and storage doors, high security bars latch the door to the frame and the wall from inside the building. The only way for robbers to penetrate doors with high security bars installed is to break down the entire wall. No easy feat. 

Door Closer Locks 

Door closers help ensure that a commercial door closes properly. Since many commercial doors are heavy duty, they can close quickly, potentially injuring employees or customers. A door closer helps to stabilize the speed at which the door closes. And they can add a layer of protection for your door too, since many types of door closers have locks installed. 

How to make sure a door lock and key change job is done correctly?

Important Pro Tip: Business owners, make sure your locksmith is doing the job correctly, for any locksmithing job. These days, there are many rogue and fake locksmiths who don’t do the job right, and skimp on labor and parts. 

Here’s a pro tip for how to spot whether the locksmith you hired is scamming you: 

Even though a door lock rekeying job uses less parts than a door lock replacement job, business owners still need to pay attention to potential rogue or scamming locksmiths. Unfortunately, the locksmith industry has many fake locksmiths who rekey door locks with too few pins. Because rekeying a lock properly with 5pins, 6pins, 7pin tumbler locks can be challenging, some lazy or fake locksmiths will skip this delicate step. Instead of installing the full amount of pins, they will con you and only install 2 or 3. If they do this, nearly any key will be able to open the lock! Make sure you trust your locksmith and check his work.


If you wish to find out more about the Commercial Lock & Key Change Services that we offer, call us. It is our intention to help you get back into your building in the quickest and safest possible manner.


Alamo Key and Lock Commercial Locksmiths in Houston TX are fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured to make sure we provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service when it comes to your Commercial Lock & Key Change needs.


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