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safe & secure Custom Lock Installation Locksmith IN HOUSTON

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Did your business recently get broken into and you want more security?

Do you have a special commercial door that needs an unusual lock?

Do you have a jewelry display case or other formal cabinet that needs specialty locks?

Alamo Key & Lock offers specialty locks and custom lock installation for Houston Texas. For over 35 years Alamo Key & Lock has worked with Houston customers to translate their security needs into secured reality. Why choose Alamo as your key and lock experts? Because: 

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on parts and labor
  • Great customer care and communication. Our professional locksmiths will listen to exactly what you need and comply. 
  • Access to standard to high security specialty locks. 
  • Over 35 years experience making, repairing, and installing locks for all kinds of residential and commercial setups. 
  • Fast and efficient craftsmanship. Our locksmiths can take care of your door lock in the same day they arrive. 
  • 24 / 7 emergency response locksmith. 

Custom Lock Installation Story from a Houston Business Owner


High security plate custom install for Houston business

Custom installation of a high security lock and high security cover plate for a Houston business owner.

Here’s a story of one recent Houston business customer and the custom lock installation our locksmith did for him: 

The business owner found his store broken into. The front double doors had standard security locks that had been literally pulled out from the door. These recessed locks were no match for the burglars. So what did our locksmith do? He installed a high security door lock and deadbolt into the door, along with a large metal protective plate. The protective plate prevents any burglar from getting an grip with a crowbar or other device into the lock. Since then, our Houston business customer hasn’t had a single theft issue. 

In a way every door lock installation that our locksmiths perform is custom made for the owner. But in fact, we can create custom locks, security plates, exit devices, high security deadbolts and door knobs, in any way that you need. 

What kind of custom lock installations are available in Houston? 

Alamo Key & Lock offers residential and commercial custom door lock installations. For homes with nicer exteriors you may want a custom designed lock or a combination of multiple security features. In addition we often recommend to customers to install custom deadbolts inside their home in a private room. Why? Because if a burglar or intruder does enter the rest of the family can hide safely in the locked room while the police arrive. 

For businesses custom installations can accommodate for many different circumstances. Perhaps your Houston business wants to appear more open and friendly while retaining a very high security thresh hold. Perhaps you want  biometric locks on some doors and low security standard locks on others. 

Whatever your custom lock installation needs are Alamo Key & Lock can help! Call us at (713) 688-3887! 


Custom Lock Installation

Residential Services

Custom Lock installation services require a great deal of trust between the customer and the locksmith. Since Alamo Key & Lock has installed locks for over 35 years to thousands of Houston customers, we are highly qualified to handle your custom order. 

Call us at (713) 688-3887 and let our master locksmith take care of you!