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Alamo Key and Lock is Your #1 Deadbolt Locks Locksmith in Houston. Call (713) 688-3887


Alamo Key & Lock fixes deadbolt issues on your home doors day in and day. Trusted for over 35 years. 

Alamo Key & Lock always has deadbolts on hand stocked in our mobile vans. The most common deadbolts in the US are Quick Set and Schleg, both of which we carry in stock. Alamo Key & Lock recommends Schleg deadbolts as they provide high security for residential doors. 

Since we’ve dealt with deadbolts so often, we’ve put together this simple deadbolt FAQ to address some of the questions Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths hear the most. 

What causes deadbolts to stick or jam? 

Daily using the deadbolt wears it down

Frequency of use. Since homeowners usually lock their deadbolt and their doorknob multiple times a day, the deadbolt turning cylinder can wear down over time. 

Erosion and Rust Wear Down the Deadbolt

Erosion and rust can affect the fit of your deadbolt into the deadbolt hole. Although the deadbolt mechanism and turning lever may work fine, they might not fit in the deadbolt hole anymore. In fact, deadbolt jam is a common issue we fix as Houston-area locksmiths. ]

Your house has shifted and the deadbolt doesn’t fit

Because Houston is shifting slightly each year, your deadbolt might not fit in the deadbolt hole anymore. As wild as this sounds, it’s true. Because the ground shifts very slightly underneath your house, your deadbolt won’t fit in the deadbolt hole with the same line up as it did when you first got it. Eventually, the deadbolt might not fit at all.

If you notice it’s difficult to get your deadbolt in and out of the bolt, call us! We can slightly adjust the placement of the device. Otherwise, one day you may try to lock or unlock your deadbolt and you can’t. In the worst case scenario, which is altogether too common, you’ll be locked out of your house. 

Sediment and Rust Build Up

Sediment and rust build up can prevent your deadbolt from fitting in the deadbolt hole. Try simply cleaning out the hole if your deadbolt feels stiff when you lock or unlock the door. If this doesn’t fix the stiffness, something else is wrong. 

How long does it take to fix a deadbolt? 

It really depends how long it will take our locksmith to fix the deadbolt based on a few factors. This job can range in time from a few minutes to hours, and the reason is simple: because whatever is causing the deadbolt to be stiff or jammed changes from problem to problem. Sometimes, simple lubricant can get the deadbolt working again. Other times, the entire deadbolt lock needs to be replaced. 

Alamo Key & Lock repairs and installs deadbolts for Houston residents all the time. Don’t panic if your deadbolt is sticking or broken. Our locksmiths can be at your home in under 30 minutes. 

Dead bolt safety tip and installation 

For our customers who worry about intruders, Alamo Key & Lock has a unique suggestion that not many other locksmiths will tell their customers. Since intruders sometimes get into a home despite the best protection and security systems, Alamo Key & Lock often recommends to customers to install an extra deadbolt on a safe room in the house. Once the whole family is in the room, you can lock the deadbolt and call the police. While the intruder is trying to get into the door, he’s losing precious time while the police are on their way. 

Call Alamo Key & Lock to discuss your deadbolt issue with a real locksmith. No call center. Only live locksmiths. Call (713) 688-3887!