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Alamo Key and Lock is Your #1 Home Lockouts Locksmith in Houston. Call (713) 688-3887

Locked out of your house in Houston? Need a locksmith to get you back in?

Alamo Key and Lock’s Home Lockout service has helped Houston residents get back into their for homes over 35 years.

Although it can be really frustrating to be locked out of your house, the good news is getting back in with a locksmith’s aid is usually a fast, simple service.

Call (713) 688-3887 now to find out how near our locksmith is to you. Ask about the Home Lockout Service. Our locksmiths can usually arrive within 30 minutes and have you back in your home within the hour.

Immediate, emergency response will send a locksmith to handle your Home Lockout.

Once the technician arrives on the scene, he will assess the locks on your house and find the best way for you to get back inside without damaging any of your property. Professional Home Lockout service from one our locksmiths will be able to deal with the problem in minutes most of the time.


Frequently Asked Questions when Locked Out of Your House

Here are the most common questions we encounter when homeowners are lockedout of their homes. Since you may find yourself asking these quetions, Alamo Key and Lock decided to offer some answers.


How does the locksmith open the door when I’m locked out of my house?

All of Alamo Key and Lock’s Home Lockout licensed locksmiths will find the safest, simplest, easiest way to get you back in your home. They follow what’s called the path of least resistance. And they do so without damaging the lock if at all possible. Any locksmith worth his salt should start by trying to pick the lock. The most common locks in the US are mortise or cylinder locks, which use a pin and tumbler mechanism. Whether 3,4,5, or 6pm, our locksmiths can pick these locks without damaging the lock.

Since most locks on your home are designed to keep out theives, we don’t recommend trying to pick these locks yourself.

What tools do locksmiths use to open the door and pick the lock?

The two types of tools that our Home Lockout locksmiths have and most homeowners don’t are torsion wrench and a bump key.

A torsion wrench holds the cylinder pins in place after the locksmith has picked the lock. When all the pins are in a line, even just for a few moments, the wrench is turned and the lock opens.

A bump key works in a similar way, since it all puts all the pins in alignment. A bump key is a blank key that the locksmith can add grooves to, so when it’s inserted in the key hole, it’ll move the pins.

How Long does it take to fix a Home Lockout?

Getting back inside from a Home Lockout can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour, usually less. Our professional locksmiths have safely picked many permitted locks to help homeowners get inside, and they have the tools for the job. Unlike replacing a lock, getting through one can take only a few minutes. 

how to get in window?

We don’t recommend trying to get into your window when you’re locked out, unless it’s very easy and the window is unlocked. If the window is locked, trying to pick it won’t help. And breaking your window is costly and can spread glass. Obviously trying to enter a window that you’ve broken can cut you.

how to open the door?

If you’re locked out and have a lockpicking tool kit on you, you may be able to enter. Without any tools it’ll be very difficult to enter a locked door. Getting the door open depends on why you’re locked out in the first place. If the key is jammed in the doorlock, broken or stuck, you’ll need to get it out. Since you can’t pick or bump a lock with a key stuck in it. If you’ve lost the key and have lockpicking tools on you, this is the best way to get in. In the end our Home Lockout locksmiths will get you back into your home when you cannot.

how much for locksmith?

Our Home Lockout locksmith has a standard service call of $49. Anything above that will be for additional work. Please call (713) 688-3887 for our latest prices. We are happy to tell you.

locked out of house with deadbolt?

If the deadbolt is stuck there will be no way to go through the door. Sometimes if the key seems jams in the lock, you can simply press on the cylinder or use some lubricant to get the key out; but if the deadbolt is stuck, you won’t be able to move it without sophisicated locksmith tools.

how to pick lock?

Although we don’t recommend picking your own locks when your locked out of your house, if you do have the tools, it can be a good place to start. Try this guide on picking a lock to get you started.

What if I’m locked out with no key?

Alamo Key and Lock can help you get back into your home even if you don’t have a key. Our locksmiths can arrive in usually less than 30 minutes. If you’re locked out with no key, we don’t recommend lock picking or breaking a window, since these can damage you’re lock or cause injury trying to enter a window, respectively.

Houston locksmith replaces a key to help a homeowner who was locked out out of his home

Our licensed locksmith Ron Pinhas replaces a broken key after a homeowner was locked out of their home in Houston.

Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

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