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fast and reliable 24 HOUR Key Cutting Locksmith IN HOUSTON TX

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KEY CUTTING locksmith services

Alamo Key & Lock can cut new keys or repair damaged ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Houston.

  • Is your key chipped or broken?
  • Is it difficult to turn your key in your door lock?
  • Do you find yourself struggling with your door lock every time you use it?
  • Did you get locked out of the house and need a new key cut to get back inside?
  • Did your old key break in the lock and needs to be removed and re-cut?

These and other issues plague home and business owners who’s keys have worn down so much that they no longer work right. In most cases, when a key has broken, chipped, or an eroded profile, a new key will need to be cut for the lock. In some cases the old key can be saved. But since rekeying is such a cheap service, Alamo Key & Lock recommends getting a new, fresh cut key. 

Alamo Key & Lock is ready to travel to your home to cut you new keys. 

What does it mean to cut a key?

Key cutting inside a Houston travel locksmith van

Alamo Key & Lock owner Ron Pinhas cuts a brand new key right before your eyes.

No, we aren’t injuring the key. Instead the locksmith shapes the key into the right profile to fit the pins of the cylinder lock. Indeed every cylinder lock has tumblers inside with little pins. Each pin has to be lined up right for the lock to open or close. Thus the key has to press and move these pins, otherwise it jams and the lock won’t budge. 

Does Alamo Key & Lock do laser cut keys? 

Yes! Our Houston Locksmiths have a state of the art key laser cutting machine, installed directly in our traveling locksmith van. For this reason you don’t have to worry about whether your key will be finely cut. Of course, not all keys require laser cutting, so this service is reserved for rare instances for more high security keys. 

How long does key cutting take? 

Key cutting should only take a few minutes. If for some reason it takes longer, the locksmith will tell you. Plus, because our Houston locksmiths come right to your door, you can watch your new key get cut right before your eyes. 


Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Residential Services

Alamo Key & Lock Key Cutting Service is cheap and fast. Our Houston locksmith will travel to you and has the key cutting equipment to get the job done. 

Call (713) 688-3887 to set up your appointment the same day.