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lOCK cHANGE AND other lock services

Need a new lock? Your current lock getting stiff and stuck? We offer dozens of lock servics

Alamo Key & Lock gets asked to change locks all the time in Houston, Texas.

  • Fully licensed and insured locksmith in the State of Texas. License #B17986. You can be too safe. Check out what it takes to become a locksmith to better tell the difference between real and fake locksmiths.
  • Over 35 years in business in Houston and surrounding areas such as Cypress, Kay, Humble, and more.
  • Fully-stocked locksmith trucks for installing and repairing new locks. If our truck or store do not have the particular lock you want, we are happy to order it for you!

Why Change a Lock?

A lock change is a common request we receive from our customers.  Why do people need to change their locks?

  • Burglary that damaged a lock beyond repair.
  • New residential construction that needs locks installed.
  • Adding doors with locks to new sections of a home.

Pro Tip: For families and other customers who are concerned about robbery, we often recommend installing a deadbolt on an interior door in your home. This way, if in the worst case, an intruder does enter, you and your family can retreat to the safe room, lock the deadbolt, and call the police.

  • Decorative replacement – sometimes customers just want a nicer looking lock!
  • An old lock breaks that’s on a door which is frequently used. Often rust can damage a lock. In addition, forcing a key into a lock that should be cleaned and lubricated will wear the cylinder mechanism down faster.

Important note:

When extracting a key from a lock or opening a lock for another reason, a locksmith should never start by drilling the lock. If your locksmith does this, call us instead! Drilling a lock permanently destroys the mechanism. In that case, you will indeed need a new lock. This is one way scamming locksmiths drive up prices on you.

Below you’ll find examples of a lock change and other lock services that we have done for our customers.


Gallery of Examples of Lock Changes & services for Our Houston Customers

Varieties of Locks

Below you’ll find a list of many kinds of locks that we change out. A lock change service fee depends on the kind of lock you have, the kind you want, and the setup. Since we’ve been in business for over 35 years, we strive to be fair and honest with our customers. The list below has some useful information about different kinds of locks and what’s involved in a lock change service for each of them.

Combination Locks

Alamo Key & Lock can repair, install, and change combination locks on many different residential setups. We often recommend combination locks on pharmacy cabinets, fences and gates, and interior lockers. The most common issues with these kinds of locks is simply that the owners forget the combination.

Tip: Store the combination for the lock as securely as you would any other important document! You don’t want to forget the combination AND lose the document the combination was written on. If you do, you’ll likely need to have the combination replaced.

Realtor Combination Lock Boxes

Alamo Key & Lock sells, installs, and removes realtor combination lock boxes. Many of these lock boxes are forgotten about on homes and the combination to them is lost. However, they are very effictive at storing a key for contractors and for prospects to check out a property.

Custom Residential Lock Installation and Servicing

We love these kinds of custom home jobs because they are more personal for the homeowner. One example of a custom lock project is installing locks to prevent little children from getting into a pool unattended. We can also install deadbolts on inner home doors to make a room the safe room in case of an intruder.

There are too many kinds of custom lock installation projects to name. We can guide your project and can use electronic locks, keypads, and extra security keyless deadbolts, whatever you want.

Fence and Gate Locks

Alamo Key & Lock works on all kinds of outdoor fence and gate locks, including keypads and combination locks.

There aren’t many options for combination locks, since most combination locks can’t hold a gate against all kinds of weather and intrusion. The most common combination lock for gate and fence security that we use is the Kaba combination lock.

Sliding Door Locks and Patio Locks

Primeline and lockit! are two common sliding door and patio locks that customers often ask for. The more important feature of a sliding door lock set up is how secure do you want the lock to be, and how do you want the lock to work. For sliding doors, Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths can install a standard security bar, a high security bar, a twisting security knob, a keyed lock, a keyless lock, and more. Because there are so many customizations for sliding door locks, we prefer to talk to homeowners over the phone or in person.

Peep Holes

Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths can install and repair peep holes on any residential door. It’s especially important that you hire a good quality locksmith for peephole repair or installation jobs. If the locksmith messes up the drilling of the hole by even an 1/8 of an inch, the entire door might need to be replaced. Since many doors are expensive and time-consuming to replace, why bother with a risky, inexperienced locksmith?

Locking Mailboxes

Alamo Key & Lock repairs, installs, and opens locking mailboxes. If you have a locked mailbox that needs to be opened, we can only open it with proof of ownership and permission. Many mailboxes no locksmith is allowed to open. For example, USPS mailboxes. It’s best if you can verify your ownership of the locked mailbox before calling us. If you can’t, call us for advice on how to get that documentation that shows you are the owner!

Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Residential Services

Residential Locksmith Travels to Your HomeResidential Locksmith team makes absolutely certain that your house is safe house. Our Residential Locksmith pros are always just a few minutes away.

Custom commercial door lock with lever handle

Commercial door lock installed for Houston business owner.

Replacing old door knob.

This old door knob had seen it’s last days. Our locksmith replaced the lock with one that turns easily.

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