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expert Master Key System Locksmiths IN HOUSTON TX

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  • Do you have a lot of private rooms in your home or building?
  • Is privacy and security important to you, your family, friends and guests?
  • Do you want more control over who can enter which rooms and with what key?

A master key system gives you a master key to every single lock in your home, along with child keys that can only open certain rooms. Thus, you get to control who has what key and which rooms they can unlock and lock. Alamo Key & Lock has set up dozens of master key systems for Houston homeowners since our founding over 35 years ago. For those customers who want the added privacy control and security , a master key system might be the right solution for you. 

Call (713) 688-3887 to consult with a master locksmith today. We guarantee you’ll enever get a call center on the line! 

How do master key systems work? 

Master Key System Ring

Master Key Systems allow the master key owner to lock and unlock any secure door in the facility.

A master key system is a security arrangement in which one key can open every lock in a security system, while other keys can only lock and unlock certain doors. Usually the facility’s manager or owner keeps the master key. For very large offices, buildings, and houses, these systems work great to give owners and managers a level of access control they wouldn’t otherwise have. 

How long does a master key system take to set up?

Master Key system installation time really depends on your custom setup. Bigger properties take more time, obviously. Call Alamo Key & Lock today to get an estimate on your master key system setup. 

What happens if I lose the master key? 

As scary as this sounds, it’s not that big a deal. Alamo Key & Lock can simple replace your lost master key.

Call Alamo Key & Lock today to consult with a master locksmith about your master key system set up!

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Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Residential Services

Master Key Systems Offer:

  • More security
  • More flexibility in Privacy Control
  • Better overall security
  • Owner privileges about who can go where
  • Scalability for home and business security systems

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