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PEEP HOLE repair & installation services

Alamo Key & Lock can repair and install peep holes on any of your home or business doors as needed. Founded in 1982, we’re one of the most trusted community locksmiths in Houston. Our locksmiths guarantee parts and labor, same-day response, and emergency services. 


Call Alamo Key & Lock today to get your questions answered about peepholes and get a quote for repair or installation of your peephole. Call (713) 688-3887!

If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ’s below, don’t hesitate to call us. You’ll always reach a real, live locksmith on the other end of the phone line. 

How do peepholes work?

The obvious answer to how peepholes work is that peepholes are small holes on door that you can look through to the other side. They’re made to give whoever’s inside the ability to see who wants to come in. In a way, peepholes are a form of access control. They grant the owner the power to control who has access to their property. 

Are peepholes safe? 

Peepholes are very safe because they are installed with a one-way lens. In other words, the person on the outside cannot look inside to you. For this reason your privacy is safe, even while you look at the person who wants to enter.

How high should peep holes be?

For homeowners the height of the peephole is really up to them. Although property owners of businesses, apartment units, condos and others have legal requirements around the accessibility of peepholes, residential home owners don’t have to worry about that for their doors. For this reason Alamo Key & Lock recommends putting a peephole at an average height of the family. Usually this average height that can accommodate the whole family is between 4 and 5 feet. 

Are peepholes required? 

The Texas rental code does require peepholes on many building types. The requirements surrounding peepholes depends on the type of building, since hotels, apartments, and and condo’s are treated differently. Check out the Texas Rental Codes to see about peephole requirements in rental units

How does Alamo Key & Lock install peepholes? 

Alamo Key & Lock’s locksmiths install peepholes by following the best practices of professional locksmiths in Texas. It’s extremely important that you hire a good locksmith to install a peephole. If the locksmith doesn’t do it right, the door you’re using will be ruined. Especially for expensive doors, it’s worth getting quality locksmith. 

What can go wrong when installing a peephole? 

Plenty of things! The drill might be at the wrong height, wrong angle, and using the wrong drill bit. If the door is wooden, it can splinter.