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Residential Locksmith Services in Houston TX

Alamo Key and Lock provides all Residential Locksmith Services, Lock Installations and Repairs. Our Licensed Technicians are on standby 24/7 ready. Locally owned and operated for over 35 years!

Need a locksmith to come to your house?

Alamo Key & Lock provides friendly and safe residential locksmith services for renters and homeowners. Locally owned and operated for 35 years in Houston and surrounding cities, our licensed, professional locksmiths will come to you wherever you are.

Same day response quaranted. 


Do you have a Key or Lock Emergency?

Locked out of your car or house? Need a locksmith right away?

Call us! We have an immediate response emergency locksmith team and guarantee same-day action.  

Important Tip: If you are locked out of your home because your key jams in the lock, try this simple tip: Use lubricant. If after applying a spray on lubricant like WD-40 you still canno’t get the key out or turn the lock, call use! 

Who are you guys & why should I trust you with my home safety?

Alamo Key & Lock is a locally-owned and operated professional locksmith business that has served Houston homeowners for over 35 years. We are a full service shop for homeowners: we can do everything from cutting you new keys to installing high security and diamond safes in new construction homes. We’ve seen it all and are happy to offer our expertise to you. Check out our Reviews and the Story of our business in Houston.


The most common reasons we get a locksmith call

Over the years we’ve noticed that all the reasons people call a residential locksmith tend to break down into a few simple scenarios.


  • The key breaks, jams, or needs to be duplicated or in some other way needs repair. This, for example, could be because you have a key with a chip (think of those keys with the black covers, securely hiding a chip).
  • The cylinder or lock breaks. It rusts over years of use on an exterior door, or the bolt breaks after being forced into a bolthole over and over.
  • Someone forgets the combination to a lock or the combination lock itself breaks. We always recommend that customers keep their combination and keypad codes as securely as they do their bank codes or other important documents. Yet these combination and keypad codes often go missing, or the instructions on how to change the codes do.

 No need to panic if any of these situations is happening for you. Call us and we can solve your issue.

Tips before you call

First, if the issue is any kind of stickiness or stiffness with the device – such as a key stuck in a lock, a bolt that won’t move, or a lever that won’t turn – try lubricant. A little bit of lubricant can go a long way, and we can’t tell you how many customers we’ve visited only to solve the issue in minutes.

Second, Do Not Force any part of the lock. Don’t use a screwdriver to try to unjam a stuck key, especially on a car! We’ve seen many well-intentioned but shortsighted people scratch their car doors desperately using a screwdriver or other sharp tool to fix a stuck key.

Our guarantee

Alamo Key & Lock guarantees same-day response to all of your key and lock issues. Our 100% work guarantee covers our workmanship and parts. All of our residential locksmiths are fully licensed by the State of Texas and insured.

The most important thing to us is that our customers are satisfied and happy. Since we began our business back in the 1980s, before the internet, building trust one customer at a time was the number one way we grew our business. One satisfied customer would tell another. That kept us going then, and it still does today.

Our Reviews and Locksmith Projects

We know that choosing a residential locksmith can be a challenging task for anyone because you must trust that person with the part of your home that protects and secures you and your family. Safety is priority. That’s why we do our best to show our customers that we are real people, real professional locksmiths with a longstanding solid reputation. With news reports showing cases of  unsavory locksmith activity, it makes perfect sense that customers would be more vigilent about a company’s reputation.

 Check out our Reviews to see what real people have to say about working with us.

Check out our locksmithing social media pages to see what activity we are up to. We post on these pages regularly so that our customers can see we are real and provide quality work. Plus, it’s fun!


Gunsafes, standard safes, and High Security Safes 

We wanted to give a special nod to our customers who are interested in our safe services. Since Texans love guns – and if you don’t, it’s okay! – we work with a lot of customers who need new gun safes, gun safes repaired or opened, and professional advice on how to have a gunsafe safely stored in a house that has children in it. We sell gunsafes as well as offer professional consulting on them. Check out our Safes page for more.

Examples of Our Residential Locksmith Service


Protective strip on front door frame prevents burglary

Protective strip on front door frame prevents burglary

Here we have one customer who was worried about their home security. We installed a new protective strip on the door frame that prevents burglers from kicking through the door. The strip has three large metal screws that fasten into a nearby stud, making it impossible to knock down. This is a simple and extremely effective way to prevent robbery. Better safe than sorry.


Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Alamo Key & Lock 

  • 35 Years + Serving Houston & Nearby Cities
  • License #B17986
  • Well reviewed and active community members
  • Emergency and 24/7 Response Line
  • Same Day Response Guaranteed.
  • Usually can be at your site in minutes

Residential Servicse

Our residential Locksmith team makes certain that your house is safe. Located all around Houston, our pros are always just a few minutes away.

Call (713) 688-8883

A licensed locksmith will answer!

front door lock and lever installation for houston customer

New Front Door lock and lever Installation for Houston customer.

Here our customer wanted a new frontdoor lever for his home. We outfitted with a simple but decorative lever of his choosing. Alamo Key & Lock does many new doorhandle installations.

Contact Alamo Key and Lock in Houston Today! We Offer 24 Hour Locksmith Services in Houston and surrounding areas!