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Safe cracking is the art and science of opening a locked safe. Although it may seem like this is a dodgy craft, it’s essential work for a safe locksmith. 

Alamo Key & Lock safe locksmiths are licensed professionals that can enter your safe without damaging it. Call us now at (713) 688-3887

Why do homeowners and businesses need safe cracking services? 

  • A safe has broken
  • The combination or key code program to a safe has gotten lost
  • The safe was in a fire and no longer opens properly 
  • A piece of the locking mechanism has broken 
  • An extremely old safe needs to be opened and the combo for it is lost

Why can’t you open your safe? 

Cracking open a safe is quite difficult without the proper tools and know-how. Unlike a lock, a simple lock picking kit won’t get the safe open. And you even need more than a bump key and a torque wrench, which are often used to open other kinds of locks. Safes, on the other hand, have special combination dials and internal bars that prevent simple lock picking from working. For this reason we recommend hiring a real safe locksmith for the task of cracking your safe. 

How long does cracking a safe take? 

If done properly and it’s a straightforward job, cracking a safe can take under an hour. However, safes are designed to be difficult to enter and to take a long time. If they weren’t, why would you have them in the first place!? Please be prepared to show your proof of ownership documentation to the Alamo Key & Lock locksmith who arrives. Since a locksmith can’t open your lock on faith that you are the owner, you must show proof. 

How do I show proof that I own the safe? 

The easiest way to prove that you own the safe that you need to open is to have a proof of purchase slip. If you don’t have one, then you can call the manufacturer to see if they still have a record of when you bought the safe. Since neither of these options may be right for you, we recommend you call our locksmith to get additional advice. 

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