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A Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency Aldine Locksmith

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Alamo Key & Lock works with homeowners, businesses, and car owners as the Aldine Locksmith that can do it all. With over 35 years experience in the locksmith trade, our company can get the job done right. No scams, no low-quality locks or keys. Our Aldine Locksmith is licensed, insured, and fully stocked to fix your lock and key problem.

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Are you a senior citizen or veteran? All Aldine senior citizens and veterans get 20% off any locksmith service! The discount is our way to say thank you for over three decades in Aldine!

What Makes Alamo Key & Lock the best Aldine Locksmith?

Aldine stands out from the surrounding areas of Houston in a few ways. Firstly, Aldine’s average resident age is much smaller than the average for Texas as a whole. Secondly, most of the residents of Aldine have Spanish as their first language. Thirdly, Aldine has a much lower average household income than other areas of Houston and Texas as a whole.

For these reasons it’s important that any Aldine locksmith can speak Spanish and offer cheap, quality services. Fortunately, our Aldine locksmith can do just that! If you have any trouble speaking English but need a locksmith for any reason, call Alamo Key & Lock in Aldine. Our locksmith in Aldine is a Spanish speaker and if there are any issues with translation our staff will make sure you are understood. Furthermore, our locksmith prices are always fair and we will work with our Aldine customers to make sure they get the deal they deserve.

How to avoid a bad Aldine Locksmith?

It’s easy to get scammed by locksmiths because most people assume they’re legit. Don’t let this happen to you. Every Aldine Locksmith needs to be licensed, bonded and insured. So it’s up to you to ask them to show you their credentials. If you don’t, you could put yourself at risk for wasting money. In addition to that, you could put yourself at risk for shoddy work.

In order to avoid this, you have to take initiative. You must ask to see documentation. If you don’t, you could spend a lot of money on some very incompetent work. Avoid this. Speak up. Demand to see identification. Not doing so will only compromise the safety of your family.

Need an Aldine Locksmith after Relocating?

Texas is actually the state that people relocate to the most. More people relocate to Texas than California, too. That is due to the oil and gas and economic climate in the state. Millions move here for work. If a Aldine Locksmith isn’t credentialed, they are likely to not know what they are doing. This means they might install locks incorrectly. That leaves you open to possible invasion. That is possible all because you allowed someone who isn’t licensed enter your home.

You cannot have an influx of that many people without bringing in “bad apples.” These bad apples cause crime rates to soar. That’s why it’s more important now than ever for you to protect your home. One of the best ways to do this is to put your trust in a reputable local locksmith. That’s where we come in. Our locksmiths can handle anything from home security installation to padlocks to panic bars. From apartments to houses, offices to cars, our Aldine Locksmiths are able to handle any lock and key issue that comes our way.

Important Aldine Locksmith Tips

Because our Aldine Locksmith has worked in Aldine for so many years, Alamo Key & Lock decided to offers some tips for homeowners and businesses owners. Indeed, our locksmith sees these issues arise over and over again. Our hope is that if homeowners and business owners work on better key and lock best practices, they can save money and use their resources to invest in other services. Indeed, there is so much more our locksmith can work on! Thus, here are some tips to help improve your home and save you money:

Aldine Locksmith Tip # 1

Firstly, if your key ever gets stuck in a door lock, try to use lubricant to release the key before calling a locksmith. Many Aldine customers call us to help extract a key from a lock, but simple lubricant will get the key out in a moment. And then our locksmith prefers not to charge homeowners for such a simple service. Thus, if you can do it yourself, why not? If the lubricant doesn’t work, there’s still another locksmith trick you can try. Press the cylinder of the door lock in with your thumb while you try to pull the key out. Often times this simple locksmith trick will release the key without much force. 

Importantly, do not use too much force when trying to turn or remove a key in a stiff lock. Why? Because keys can break in a door lock. And when they break, they are much harder to remove from the door lock.

Aldine Locksmith Tip # 2

Secondly, consider installing a deadbolt in an inner room of your home. If you find that you want an extra layer of protection at your home, you can simply add a deadbolt to a private room. Any locksmith can tell you that a deadbolt is easy to install and not that much money. However, an extra deadbolt can save you and your family your lives. Why? Imagine a burglar entering your home when you r family are inside. If you have a secure room, everyone can pile into that room and lock the deadbolt behind you. While the burglar is trying to get past the deadbolt, you and your property are safe. Meanwhile, the cops are on their way.

Aldine Locksmith Services

The Texas Department of Public Safety licenses our Aldine Locksmith to work on homes, businesses, and cars for any security issue. Here is a run down of all of our locksmith services. Have any questions? Call us anytime — our locksmith is available 24 7! Call (713) 688-3887.

High Security for Aldine Homes

When it comes to protecting your home with technology, there is no comparison to our equipment. Our high tech home security brands allows you to manage the affairs of your home from afar. Sensors, surveillance, and mobile devices give you remote control over your home. Subsequently, our Aldine Locksmith professionals will ensure you can keep your eye on your house. They will install top of the line home security surveillance all throughout your home. If you have a giant estate, this is something that will definitely intrigue you.

Auto Locksmith – Transponder Keys, Key Extraction, and Car Door Locks

Our Aldine Locksmith can work on nearly any car lock and key issue you may have. Be sure to call our locksmith and tell him the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Although our Aldine locksmith has laser key cutting and reprogramming equipment on board, it’s still vital to know certain details of your car. Why? Because cars use different kinds of keys, and even the same car uses a different key for different years. For instance, in 2012, Honda introduced laser cut keys to their vehicles. Previous versions of Honda’s did not use laser cutting. Thus, not many locksmiths stock laser cutting equipment. However, Alamo Key & Lock in Aldine does!

Plus, if you need a transponder key fixed, a car door lock changed out that is stiff or damaged, or simply to get help getting back into your car after the key gets locked inside, then call us! Our Aldine Locksmith can do all of that work and more!

Residential Aldine Locksmith – Home Lockouts, safe installs, and more

Our Aldine Locksmith can work on nearly any home security issue. Did your key get broken in a home door lock? Is the door lock difficult to turn or stiff? Did you recently have a break in and need repair done on your door or window? Never fear. Our Aldine locksmith can do all of that locksmith work. Indeed, Alamo Key & Lock technicians always strive to make the best deal for the customer. Why? Because we believe that your satisfaction leads to more business for us in the long term. That’s why all of our work and labor is 100% guaranteed.

Commercial Aldine Locksmith – Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Panic Bars, and More

Many businesses in Aldine need high security systems at a fair price in order to both stay within budget and ensure the safety of their employees and property. Because Alamo Key & Lock in Aldine has over 35 years of experience, our technicians know how to balance safety and budget for businesses of many sizes. Indeed, our Aldine locksmith has worked with small businesses, such as jewelers and private offices, to mega businesses like Ikea and Cash Advance.

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Aldine Locksmith Promises

  • Our Aldine Locksmith offers 100% guarantee on labor and parts.
  • 20% Discount to All Senior Citizens and Veterans
  • Over 35 Years of Experience
  • 24 / 7 Emergency Locksmith Response to all Aldine Needs
  • Automotive, Home, and Business Locksmith Services

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