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Galveston Locksmith Services

Alamo Key & Lock is the best Galveston Locksmith around. Since 1982 our Galveston Locksmiths have helped residents and business owners with all of their lock and key issues. Indeed, Alamo Key and Lock has worked with Ikea, Lulu Lemon, Cash Advance, and many other local businesses on commercial security concerns. As a well known residential locksmith, our technicians can rekey your door locks, help you with a home lockout, replace broken keys, install new door locks, and so much more.

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What does a Galveston Locksmith Do?

Although Galveston crime is relatively low for Texas, many residents and business owners should still ensure they have a solid security plan for their property. Our Galveston Locksmiths perform three vital tasks. We find that we perform these tasks in Galveston more than any other locality. First, our Galveston Locksmith can do a security audit on your home or business. Plus, because Galveston’s median household value is well over the Texas average, there’s a lot of property’s that need protecting. Indeed, our Galveston technicians install many high security systems in Galveston homes, more often than many other localities that we serve.

Second, because of the high humidity and salt in the air, our Galveston locksmith often replaces door locks. Although most door locks don’t out and out rust, they do wear down faster than in other areas of Houston and the bay. Why? Because the high wind, salt, and debris in the air catches inside the mechanics of the tumbler lock.

Is your door lock stiff and hard to turn?

We recommend changing it now because it locks you out!

Third, our Galveston locksmiths often need to install high security locks and security systems on many high-end homes in Galveston. Because many home owners leave their homes unoccupied for weeks at a time, break-ins are a concern. For that reason our locksmiths install sensors, security cameras, and high security locks on many homes.

There will come a time when you are in dire need of an automotive Galveston Locksmith. You may have been locked out of your car after a long night at the bar. Maybe you mistakenly left them in your vehicle as you were leaving your friend’s house after a fun night. What ever the case, just know that our locksmith professionals will always be there for you. Day or night. It doesn’t matter the time.

Why hire Alamo Key and Lock as your Galveston Locksmith?

Our services are offered to you 24 hours a day. We understand that emergencies do not strike at convenient moments. They can happen any time of day. That’s why we’ve made sure we are available to you any time of day too. Our 24 hour emergency Galveston Locksmith professionals are always here for you.

Relocating and need a Galveston Locksmith?

In the event that you find yourself in a position where you must relocate your family, we’re here for you. Did you know that more people are moving to Texas in 2017 than in any other year? In fact, no other state in the country is getting as much of an influx of people than Texas. It is imperative that you understand what this means. When people move in droves, they bring crime with them. It’s just human nature. Our skilled group of Galveston Locksmith professionals make sure they know how to combat this. They are trained to install any lock and key device in your home.

When you make your big move, contact us and you will not regret it. Contacting our locksmith professionals means you are about to receive top notch emergency locksmith service. We install all of the locks you need with precision and the utmost care. Unlike other Galveston Locksmith service companies, we offer a brand of friendliness and trustworthiness to boot. We don’t just have locksmith professionals that care about money, they care about your safety.

Need a Commercial Galveston Locksmith?

Security Camera Experts

One of the most tried and true ways of keeping your home safe is to have security cameras installed. Fortunately, our Galveston Locksmith professionals know how to install security cameras. Whether you need camera surveillance around your house or in your place of business, we are there for you. Our experts will show you how to view footage and how to skip forward to specific time frames. You will have full control of all things that happen in and around your home or building.

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