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Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency Locksmith Services in Baytown TX

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Baytown Locksmith

Alamo Key & Lock is a Baytown Locksmith you can trust. For over 35 years, our Baytown Locksmith has helped residents and business owners secure their property, change their locks and keys, get back into their locked homes, and so much more. Plus, we give back to the local Baytown community with a 20% discount to all Senior Citizens and Veterans.

In addition, all of our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and friendly technicians who come to your site to help with any key and lock issue you may have.

Call us now to get an estimate or have any lock and key question answered.

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Why hire a Baytown Locksmith?

Several reports have confirmed that more people are making the move to Texas than ever before. With nearly 100,000 residents, Baytown is no exception. Since 2000, Baytown has grown 15%!

Every day, droves of people from all over the country are moving here for work. With the oil and gas industry boom, it’s no wonder that Texas is a premier destination. But with this wave in new residents comes a wave of new crime. That’s why it’s imperative that you put your trust in a reputable Baytown Locksmith in town. No one else is going to protect your home. The police take forever to respond, and even when they do, they won’t stay. Locksmiths provide you with devices that last for years. Devices that protect you for years. If you think you are ready for a big move, consider hiring a locksmith.

Over the years, we’ve made it a point to hire Baytown Locksmith specialists with great personalities. We want people who are not only skilled, but also wholesome in their attitudes. We want people who know how to treat others with respect. When you hire a locksmith professional, you will always be exposed to generosity and friendliness. This is the one ingredient missing in most locksmith service companies. You want a locksmith professional that will listen to what you want and need. You don’t need a locksmith expert who ignores your needs and proceeds to install locks you don’t want. One of the best things about Baytown Locksmith service companies is that you can rely on them for emergencies. We know that emergencies happen all the time. They’re down right unpredictable. But we have the antidote for that: we’re open 24 hours.

So whenever an emergency occurs, you can rest knowing our locksmiths are ready and willing any time of day. If you want someone to protect your home, there’s only one company you should trust. That company is us.

What Baytown Locksmith Emergency Services do you offer?

Our Baytown locksmith can respond in an emergency. If you call and get a time quote, our locksmith will update you as he journey’s to your site. Because these days every locksmith has access to Google Maps, any locksmith can give you a pretty accurate time estimate during your quote and also a time estimate as he travels to you. In addition, no locksmith should take more than an arrive to drive between Houston and Baytown. Thus, your locksmith emergency can be handled pretty quickly and with good communication about how long it will take.

Our Baytown locksmith can do a number of emergency tasks. First, the locksmith can get you back into your vehicle if you accidentally locked your car keys in your car. Remember do not try to get the keys out yourself by using a coat hanger, screw driver, or any other sharp object to try to open the door. Why? Because you’ll most likely damage your car door, which will cost you a lot more than waiting an extra 30 minutes. Instead, call the locksmith, and let anyone you know is waiting on you that you’ll be late.

Second, our Baytown Locksmith can get you back inside your home if you’re locked out or the door lock won’t open or close. Because many door locks get stiff and difficult to use, this is one of the most common emergency tasks our locksmith runs. In fact, sometimes our Baytown locksmith can help a customer out straight from the phone line. How? By simply walking the customer through some simple troubleshooting methods. In fact, a good locksmith will do very simple and free checks on your door locks that you can do from home. The locksmith will simply lubricate the door, bump it, or pick it. All of these methods are free, they don’t damage the door lock, and they are easy for any locksmith to do. If you’re locked out of your home, just wait for the locksmith to arrive instead of trying to break into your own home.

Third, a business lockout. This can be a huge emergency for any business, since most businesses must have their doors open for their customers to come in. If a business is locked out even once, it can ruin a businesses reputation. For this reason we always recommend businesses work with a nearby locksmith to ensure they can get back inside their business in a hurry.

Residential Baytown Locksmith Services

Our Baytown Locksmith can handle any home key and lock issue you may have. Do you need a home security audit? Have you had a recent break in? Are your door locks stiff and need replacing? Do you want to feel safer in your home? Is your home vulnerable to a break in through the sliding doors or windows? Do you want to install a floor or wall safe?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our Baytown locksmith can help you. We promise fast, reliable service with good communication from our locksmith.

Commercial Baytown Locksmith Services

A business needs a good working relationship with a locksmith to ensure all of its security and entry/exit needs are met. Our commercial locksmith can fix and install safes, secure cabinets, install custom high security door locks, panic bars and exit devices, weighted door closers, keypad combination locks, digital locks, and much much more. Our locksmith can guide your business project and help you pass your state security audit on a remodel or new business property.

Panic Bars / Exit Devices For Office Doors

Panic bars are essential for any heavy doors in office buildings. They allow you to keep doors completely shut, but also allow you to open them easily. Doors with panic bars allow you to open these heavy doors easily during a fire. Heavy doors keep fires from spreading to other rooms. But heavy doors can be dangerous if they cannot be opened easily. That is why our Baytown Locksmith experts know that panic bars are essential. They allow you to easily open these heavy fire proof doors.

Custom High Security Locks, Digital Locks, and Fingerprint Scanners

Our commercial Baytown Locksmith can install or fix custom high security locks of all kinds. IC Core Locks, Medeco locks, and more. In addition, our locksmith can install fingerprint scanners and other kinds of digital security locks for businesses that want them. Because they do not require a key, and allow business owners to choose who enters where and when, these locks are a great option.

Automotive Baytown Locksmith Service

Our Baytown locksmith can service nearly any vehicle, repair or replace transponder keys, extract keys from ignition jams, remove broken keys from locks, and get keys out of a locked car or trunk. Be sure to tell our Baytown locksmith on the phone what kind of car you have. He’ll need the year make and model of the car before sending a dispatch to you. Why? Because different cars have different kinds of keys, and our locksmith wants to make sure he has the right keys and tools in stock for you.

In Conclusion

As you’ve seen, our Baytown locksmith offers a great many reasons to hire us as your locksmith of choice. First, our locksmith offers a 100% guarantee on all parts and labor. Second, we offer discounts for senior citizens and veterans. Third, our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and highly experienced, with over 35 years in business. Fourth, our locksmiths make customer service the number one priority. Thus, you’ll get a professional and friendly service that won’t feel like anyone is breaking into your wallet.




Baytown Locksmith Guarantees

  • 24/7 Mobile Response Locksmith
  • 100% Satisfaction Gaurantee. Full Warranty on all parts and labor. Call for details!
  • Over 35 years in business
  • Family owned and operated
  • Baytown Locksmith will give regular updates about ETA
  • Automotive, Residential, Commercial, and Emergency Locksmith Services
  • Over 4.5 Stars on Major Review platforms like Yelp and Google Reviews!

Baytown locksmith creates new commercial door lock

The Owner of Alamo Key & Lock Ron Pinhas installing a commercial door lock on a fresh door.

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