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Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency Locksmith Services in Lake Jackson TX

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Lake Jackson Locksmith!

Alamo Key & Lock — Licensed Lake Jackson Locksmith 

If you’re a Lake Jackson resident you are one lucky duck. Since a recent study by Wallet Hub named Lake Jackson in the Top 15 best places to raise a family in the country. This not-so-well-known Texas town has hosted Alamo Key & Lock for over 35 years. And both city and company seem to be the best kept secrets in Texas. 

What makes Lake Jackson special?

Lake Jackson is affordable, fun, with good access to high quality school and health care. Plus, it’s dog-gone beautiful. The rolling hills of Texas beginning to emerge along the street of Lake Jackson and, unlike much of the rest of Houston, traffic is not so bad. However, just because you live in idyllic Lake Jackson doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a locksmith when you need one. Leaving your doors and windows open, keys locked in car, and security alarm going off day and night is still a big no no. 

What problems do locksmiths fix?

If you need a Lake Jackson locksmith, you may have one or more of the following problems that need to be addressed

  • Key is locked in car
  • door lock is stuff and stuck
  • key broke in the door lock 
  • Need new security cameras
  • You may want to install access control on my business’s doors
  • I want to install new padlocks and finger print devices for more security
  • You need a gunsafe and a safe place to keep it
  • I forgot the combination of my security safe and I need it opened.
  • Your keys were lost or stolen 
  • Your commercial door needs more security
  • You’re going to have a safety inspection and want to make sure your locks and exit devices are correct

Alamo Key & Lock can help any Lake Jackson resident with these issues and others. Call (713) 688-3887 to get help now!

And remember – All veterans and senior citizens get 20% off!  

When You Need A Locksmith, call Alamo Key & Lock!

What kinds of services do we offer? 

Our Lake Jackson locksmith can deliver any kind of residential, commercial, auto, and emergency services. Here’s a list and description of different kinds of services we offer: 

Key Change & Replacement

If you’ve lost your house keys or need new ones made, our locksmith will travel to you and make new keys in minutes. 

Door Lock Change or Rekeying 

When customers move into new houses, it’s a good idea to rekey the door locks. Why? Because many people already have the keys, including the contractor, the construction crew, the broker, and potentially more. Rekeying a door lock is much faster and cheaper than changing out the doors. Other reasons you may need your door locks changed are that they are old and breaking, stiff, jammed, or you simply want better security locks or more decorative ones. 



Lake Jackson Map

Security Resources for Lake Jackson Residents

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And for Fun

Things to Do in Lake Jackson

What to Look for in a Lake Jackson Locksmith 

  • Licensed and insured
  • If you’re lock is jammed or stuck, the locksmith picks it first rather than drills it. Any locksmith that drills a lock first does so to charge you more money. 
  • Gives regularly updates on time of arrival 


Call (713) 688-3887 to get help with your lock and key issue!

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