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Advice From Locksmiths

With tons of locksmiths to choose from, we have some tips for you so that you can get what’s best for you. First, you’ll want to do your homework. Always make sure you research any technician you decide to let into your home.

Remember, you’re trusting them with your life. Literally. In order to choose the most reputable Mission Bend Locksmith, we will give you few pointers.

Ask concerning additional fees before you decide to agree to have got your Mission Bend Locksmith perform work. Companies may fee extra pertaining to responding to a phone call in the middle of the night time. Ask if there is a charge with regard to mileage, or even a minimum payment for a service call up.

If the price the particular locksmith provides when he happens doesn’t match with this estimate you still have on the mobile phone, do not allow the job to be carried out.

Never sign an empty form permitting work.

Simple Mission Bend Locksmith Tips to Help you Avoid Big Fees 

Many times customers call our Mission Bend locksmith for help with problems they themselves could fix. Indeed, many small problems don’t take much training to fix. Although there are a lot of lock and key issues that only a trained locksmith can handle, some need only street smarts and a little bit of guidance to solve. Because we don’t earn a living on these small problems and it pains us to see so many Mission Bend residents’ homes suffer with these issues, Alamo Key & Lock put together this locksmith Guide to help you. Here are 3 Tips from a professional locksmith: 

If your door lock is sticking, hard to turn, or won’t release the key easily, spray it with lubricant. Indeed, a sticky door lock can create an emergency if you do not deal with it right away. Why? Because your door key can get stuck in the door lock. Not a pretty picture. Imagine you are on your way to work when you turn the key in your home door lock, and it won’t release. Ouch. Many things can cause a door lock to stick: 

  • Debris caught in the lock
  • Forcing the lock too hard
  • Continuous use over many years 

Simple spray-on lubricant can clean off the debris and smooth out the connections in the lock mechanism. It can help release a key and make the lock turn more easily. Try lubricant before you call us! 

Here’s another tip from our locksmith: press your thumb against the cylinder of the door lock if your key is stuck.

Why does this Locksmith Tip work?

The cylinder may have become loose over time. Remember there are little pin tumblers inside most oor locks that must fit the profile of the key. If one of these pins is loose or offset by fractions of an inch, the lock won’t work. When you push the cylinder in, it can realign the pins so that they line up with the profile of the key. Try it! 

Our third and final tip from our Mission Bend has to do with adding an extra layer of protection in your home against intruders. In the tragic event that someone does break into your home when you and your family are alone, one of the worst possibilities is that you or a family member may be injured. Safety is a top priority. For this reason our locksmith suggests installing an extra deadbolt on a door frame of a private room in the home.

Why does this work? When the intruder breaks in, you and your family can retreat to the safety of this locked room. While the intruder tries to figure out how to get inside, you’ve already called the police, and the intruder is wasting precious minutes fiddling with a lock rather than stealing your property or harming your loved ones. Safety first! 

Time To Hire A Locksmith

Find out if your Mission Bend Locksmith is insured. Should your property is impaired during a repair, possibly faulty work leads to burning or hurt, it’s important for a locksmith to have insurance protection to cover a person’s losses.

Expect the Mission Bend Locksmith to ask a person for identification, as well. The best Pasadena Locksmith should validate your identification and make sure you’re the home and property owner before doing any get the job done.

If you locate a locksmith in the phone e-book, on the Internet, and also through listing assistance, and a business handle is given, ensure that the target belongs to that exact Locksmith in Houston (Pasa. Some underhanded companies number street deals with to give the effect that they’re nearby. But the handles may remain in other businesses or perhaps vacant quite a lot, if they are available at all. 

Commercial Locksmith Services

When it’s time for you to decide you want to move, a locksmith should be on your mind. You would not want to move into a new home that has even one copy of a key to the locks, right? It’s better to play it safe and just get new locks altogether. That’s where our lock and key professionals will help.


High security lock installed for storefront in Mission Bend

Mission Bend high security locks installed on front door of store

Our safe expert cracks a lock for Mission Bend customer

Our safe expert cracks a lock for Mission Bend customer

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