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Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Emergency Locksmith Services in Sugar Land TX

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Sugar Land Locksmith Services 

Alamo Key & Lock: Family owned and operated Sugar Land Locksmith Company since 1982

Since Alamo Key & Lock has operated for so long in and around the greater Houston area, we’ve come to know and love Sugar Land and our clients there. With Sugarland’s rapid growth over the past several years, it can be an attraction for newcomers.

In fact, Sugar Land is one of the fastest growing and most prosperous cities in the greater Houston metro area. Although the city’s population is under 100,000, it’s close and growing. In  fact, since 2000, the city has had more than 40% job growth! That’s a lot of new jobs, new businesses, and new home owners. Indeed there are many good reasons to move to and live in Sugar Land.

Why Do You Need an Automotive Locksmith?

Have you decided to move to Sugar Land? If so, you have a lot on your plate. Moving is a big deal. It can also be a big hassle. In addition for home security, it’s important to seek out top notch Sugar Land Locksmith services. This will help you keep your family safe. Moving in to a new home requires that you get new locks. Old locks can have duplicate keys still in circulation.

That’s where a good lock and key professional comes in. A good Sugar Land Locksmith can allay any and all fears by simply installing new locks. Remember: new homes need new locks. You don’t want to risk anyone you don’t know still retaining keys to your new home. Many times, people will give spare keys to loved ones and neighbors. When they move out, do you really think they’re going to get all those duplicates back? Of course not. Those key copies will still be out there. Which means people will be able to enter your new house any time.

Home Security Alarm System Professionals

Home security systems help people protect their homes against invasion. Thankfully, we know how to install security alarms that help you keep alert to anything happening around your house. When they move out, do you truly believe will recover each one of those copies? Obviously not. Those key duplicates will even now be out there. Which implies individuals will have the capacity to go into your new house at whatever time.

Sugar Land Automotive Locksmith Services

Alamo Key & Lock also helps many Sugar Land residents with their vehicle’s door locks and keys. If you’re key is jammed in the ignition, you’ll need a Sugar Land Locksmith to get it out. And don’t try to get it out yourself! You can damage the ignition. Also, if you’ve locked the keys inside your car or truck, don’t try to force the door lock open. Indeed we’ve had some customers try to use coat hangers to open the doors. Don’t try that either! It’ll only lead to scratches on the door frame and more expense for you. 

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The Owner of Alamo Key & Lock Ron Pinhas installing a commercial door lock on a fresh door.

 Our Sugar Land Locksmith can install new locks and deadbolts on front door of commercial property.

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