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Sliding Door Lock Repair & Install in Houston

Alamo Key & Lock intalls and repairs Sliding Door Locks in Houston. Call (713) 688-3887

Sliding door lock services in Houston

Alamo Key & Lock delivers sliding door locks repair, installation, and security consultation sincee 1982.

Since many thieves break into homes through the sliding doors and windows, protecting your home with sliding door locks is more important than ever. In fact, almost 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked door or window!

Alamo Key & Lock understands that adding an extra safety measure to your sliding doors can make a world of difference in protecting your home. Sliding door locks are a simple, cost-effective way to prevent thieves from entering your home.

Why are sliding door locks important?

sliding door locks protect nice living room

This expensive looking living room is easy prey for a burglar. Simply break in through the sliding doors behind the blinds. But not if those sliding doors have a high security lock…

Many thieves and intruders try to enter a home through the weak points. Since most homeowners neglect security on their sliding doors and windows, intruders try to break in through these points. And if your sliding doors are left unlocked, all a thief needs to do is left the latch and slide the door open. Not much security.

Alamo Key & Lock can repair your sliding door locks and install new sliding door lock mechanisms as needed. Founded in 1982, our company has seen it all in the locksmithing industry. And because our locksmiths are licensed, trained, and friendly, you know you’re getting a service you can trust.

Oftentimes our customers choose to install new locks or upgrade the sliding door locks they already have as part of a home security audit. If you think other areas of your house are unsecured, or may need beefing up, this option might be right for you.

Call (713) 688-3887 to speak with a real locksmith now.

How do sliding glass door locks work?

In short, it depends on the lock. There are three many kinds of sliding glass doors.

And it’s important to note that sliding glass door locks work differently than regular door locks. Because the door slides away from the frame instead of turning away, the mechanism mechanics of the lock have to be designed differently.

Clasp locks

One of the most common types of sliding door locks is the Clasp lock. Just as the name implies, this lock features a clasp: as you pull back the handle of the door, the clasp releases from a hook or bar in the door frame, and the door opens.

Foot Bolk Locks

Another is the foot bolt lock, which usually works with two spring bolts at the bottom and top of the door frame. When a button is pushed, the spring bolts contract, allowing the door to open. In their natural state, the door is locked.

Cylinder Locks and Security Bars

The more high-security options are a cylinder lock and a security bar. The cylinder lock requires a key to open, just like a regular door. The security bar is placed at the bottom of the sliding door and prevents the door from opening.

how to fix sliding door lock mechanism?

In order to fix a sliding door lock mechanism you have to know which kind of door lock you have: clasp lock, cylinder lock, or foot lock. The most common reasons sliding glass door locks break is that the pieces inside the mechanism fail after continual use. Because the sliding door needs to remain precise along the line of the frame, any misalignment can make the door difficult to slide open. Usually home owners and guests of the house use more force to open the door than is needed, wearing down the mechanism. Rust and sediment can also get in the lock.

For foot locks, check that the springs are still, well, springy.

how to install sliding door lock?

Installing a sliding door lock isn’t easy and we don’t recommend it as a DIY project. Although the handy homeowner may successfully secure their house with a DIY sliding door project, it’s unlikely to last the lifespan of the lock. Because it’s so easy to misalign the installment of the lock, it’s better left to a professional.

how to adjust sliding door lock?

Most clasp or latch locks have an adjusting screw that’s accessible when the door is open. Usually a screwdriver will do the trick. Find the adjusting screw near the latch head, and you can tighten the screw to extend or lower the latch.

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