How To Choose The Best Door Locks and Keys for Your Property?

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Unless you are a professional locksmith in TX, heading onto an adventure of learning all about types of keys and locks may give you nothing but a headache. Among so many choices on the market, it would be indeed hard to make a well-informed decision about choosing one that meets your particular needs.

Three Types of Locks

If you have been a bit curious and Google’d about types of locks already, then you certainly read about:

  • Key in knob locks,
  • Smart locks, and
  • Conventional deadbolts

Key in knob locks are the old-fashioned ones that not so many people use them, although some homeowners prefer simplicity this type of lock provides. The conventional deadbolts can’t boast about the fancy features either, but they can certainly be proud of the efficiency and safety they provide. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option and you don’t insist on smart features, we would recommend going for this type of lock.

And, when we say smart locks, that means they perform way further than a simple door lock does. Welcome to the future: remote and voice control, access logs, which gives you the possibility to see people who are trying to access your home, and geofencing (the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary) are the main features that make this type stand out from the crowd.

Just like smartphones, you will need a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection to lock and unlock the door in your home remotely. The catch with these types of locks are the price, and also the possibility of being hacked. That is exactly why you would want to contact Alamo Key & Lock so we can help with finding the best safety solution for your specific needs.

The Older Types of Locks

Just as we mentioned above, key in knob locks belong to a category of older locks types. Yet, older locks include cam locks, mortise locks, padlocks, deadbolts, and wall-mounted locks as well.

The padlock takes the last position on the list, as it is not attached to anything, which may pose a threat for your security. Furthermore, the deadbolts are relatively safe, but we would go for the double-cylinder deadbolts as they provide increased safety and are stronger than the single-cylinder and thumb-turn ones.

Then we have the lever handle locks, which we usually install on the inner doors of commercial buildings in Houston. When comparing this to the knob type, there is a significant difference. The lever handle locks are more convenient due to a longer push down lever.

The mortise of rim locks are mostly mounted on the inner part of the door and are used for commercial purposes as well. The last but not least is the cam lock, uppermost used for locking mailboxes and filing cabinets.

A Final Word on The Types of Locks To Choose

As an individual skilled in other areas in life, trying to understand which locks are more suitable may be tiring and confusing. Surely, you are not alone when a professional locksmith services in Houston TX can help.

For over 35 years, Alamo Key & Lock has been near at hand for hundreds of Houstonians helping them make the right pick in the sea of different keys and locks. Call 713-688-3887 and speak directly with a professional locksmith in Houston TX.

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  • Guest

    Hey there,
    These services provided by locksmiths include misplaced keys, broken locks or jammed. For Professional Locksmith Services On Home, I always prefer you. Can I get very cost-effective service for a locksmith?

    I hope you answer me…

    • admin

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. To answer your question about locksmiths and their services we will have to say “yes”. For example: keeping in mind that not all home owners in Houston Texas (or elsewhere for that matter) are skilled enough to get out of tight spots when it comes to locks and keys that are loose or jammed. Also, what if a valued customer has bought a new home? As you know that whenever we move in to a new residence, we tend to worry and think “does anyone else have the keys to my home?”.

      Alamo Key & Lock and also other professional locksmiths in Houston TX have been serving our local community for many years. We hope that when choosing the best door locks and keys for a property, home owners will consult a registered and licensed professional locksmiths who can advice about keys and locks that are currently available on the market. Another example for getting a cost-effective service from a locksmith in Houston would be that: what if the particular settings and requirements of new locks and keys involved children and fire safety? Meaning, at times, just installing new set of home locks and keys bought from a Walmart Houston Texas may not be the wisest decision. Because a professional locksmiths know what it takes to make a home more secure for everyone including children. We hope you will consider hiring us for all types of locksmith services.

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