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Okay, although you won’t need an artificial-intelligence security system as seen in the movie Ocean’s Thirteen, vaults and safes are still needed not just in commercial and business settings, but also, at home when you are keeping valuables and naturally are concerned about their security.

When hiring locksmith services in Houston TX either to install a vault or to break into one if you have lost access, you need to know the fact that not all Houston locksmiths can do the job thoroughly.

Minimizing Damage

Already own a vault? Ever been locked out? Then, you’ll remember the concern about how to open the vault without causing damage to the valuables inside. This is especially so if the items are fragile or delicate like jewelry, collectibles, currency notes or documents. Choosing the most reputable Houston locksmith as opposed to cheaper ones who may be thinking of blasting open your safe is just a smart idea.

What Not to Do for Safe Lockouts

Many homeowners (or business owners) often times try opening a safe to which they have lost access, but this rarely ends well. Avoid using a drill or trying to pry open a safe in a DIY manner because this is definitely damage the security parts and result in a more costly replacement. Call 713-688-3887 safe and vault professionals who can open gain access with a new passkey or entry system code resets.
The trust requirement is overlooked by many people that stand to lose a lot by choosing locksmiths that are not certified. Some locksmiths that are listed online or on the yellow pages (or equivalent databases) are scam artists and may actually aid in theft or illegal pursuits.

Furthermore, professional locksmiths in Houston TX with specialized skills are needed for vault installations, upgrades, and or break-ins. These specializations require additional training courses or qualifications, and usually require some form of certification depending on the type of vaults and safes.

Although larger locksmith companies in TX will typically have such personnel on board. Contacting Alamo Key & Lock Vault and Safe Locksmith experts is a better choice because unlike large locksmith companies in Houston, we don’t charge expensive service fee’s just because you want to better secure your valuable items. Also, our many years of locksmith service experience ensures that we don’t cut corners when it comes to ALL our services (parts and workmanship).

Thinking of buying a safe? Contact us 713-688-3887 for professional guidance on which vault models and locks will suit your specific requirements.

Digital Doors for Vaults

While a safe can be installed anywhere and often is, such as behind paintings or shelves, a vault is a significantly different undertaking. Digital, impenetrable doors are not uncommon for the entrance of vaults and similar high-security systems.

Digital doors have also become the preferred choice for entrance door to warehouses, buildings and even houses in TX. A digital door installation, as well as general vault installation, is a very complicated process, so make sure only a trusted and trained locksmith is on the job so that there are no security breaches due to incompetence.

Keep in mind that the expert locksmiths can also improve other safety and security provisions in your buildings such as fire hazards, installation of deadbolts, Biometrics security and magnetic locks on your safes.

Vault and Safe Maintenance by Alamo Key & Lock Locksmiths

It is very common that a vault door or safe does not open even with the correct combination, this could occur due to the hinges have gotten rusty or there has been an electrical fault. As this maybe cumbersome and difficult to determine, you still should not try to open the safe by yourself and should engage a professional safe locksmith in Houston.

safe expert unlocking high security safe close up

Depending on the type of safe and vault you possess, it may be a good idea to apply grease to vault doors or hinges (just like you would to home door hinges) and to have a local houston locksmith service provider inspect your security system periodically so that there is less chance of it breaking down.

To learn more about taking advantage of what latest technology offers in terms of safes, vaults and security surveillance systems, speak directly with a friendly Houston Locksmiths Alamo Key & Lock call 713-688-3887 or

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