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Commercial Locksmith Services in Houston TX

Alamo Key and Lock provides all Commercial Locksmith Services, Lock Installations and Repairs. Our Commercial Locksmith Technicians are on standby 24/7 for your Commercial Locksmith Needs. SCHEDULE SERVICE NOW


Alamo Key & Lock has offered commercial locksmith services in Houston since 1982. Why should you choose us over another commercial locksmith?

  • Alamo Key and Lock has worked in Houston and surrounding cities for over 35 years!

  • Consistently work with big-brand businesses such as Ikea, Cash Advance, and Lululemon.

  • Highly-recommended locksmith through local Houston Facility Management Companies.

  • Licensed and insured. Check out our license and documentation.

  • Are a full-service commercial locksmith.  

  • Our commercial locksmith vans are fully-stocked. Thus, our mobile locksmiths can replace and install commercial-grade equipment, including panic bars, buzzer systems, safes, security cameras, and more on the spot.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed on parts and labor.

  • Family-owned and operated year after year. So business customers know that they are getting real human services. In otherwords, you’ll never get a robot on the phone!

  • Excellent reviews on Google Reviews, Yelp, and more.

  • Same day response guaranteed!

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After 35 years in business, Alamo Key & Lock has worked with dozens of businesses to solve their access system and security system concerns. Here are the most common reasons that businesses reach out to us:


Rekeying locks and changing keypad combos is a simple, fast process. It’s also really important. We always recommend you do this task after an employee leaves on bad terms. Why?  Because disgruntled employees can harm your business. In fact, many business owners worry that their property might be in danger. Changing a lock or key combination protects your business after letting go of an employee.  Don’t wait to change your locks once you’ve been robbed a disgruntled employee. Do it at once.  


If a key breaks inside the lock, customers and employees can’t enter your business. Don’t wait and don’t panic. Why? Because this is an ideal task for a commercial locksmith to handle.A locksmith will be at your site under an hour.

Since many locks may need changing and many keys made, doing it yourself won’t work. In addition, when a key breaks inside a lock, it can lead to an office lockout. All of a sudden, all of your employees and customers are stuck outside the office! A commercial locksmith will get you out of this scenario. Get specific help with Office Lockouts.  


Alamo Key & Lock can help your business pass the Fire Department safety inspection. Every business has to go through regular safety inspections and they can be a pain. Why? Because if you fail your inspection, it can cost you time and money. In fact, they can even shut down your business. Don’t let that happen to you. How can you prevent your business closing? Simple: pass the first time using a commercial locksmith to guide you through the process.  


Heavy doors that quickly slam shut can harm employees or customers. We often install door closers to heavy doors to prevent them from closing on employees as they pass through. This is an important safety feature, especially in a fast-paced work environment. We offer all varieties of door closers.


Access Control Systems let you decide who enters your business and when. What business ownerw ouldn’t want that power? We recommend businesses that deal in jewelry, guns, and electronics use access control.

The normal image of Access Control is a customer knocking on a door and an employee buzzing them in. However, we can install remote, wireless buzzers. The benefit? These kinds of control systems give you the power to let someone in even when you aren’t at your desk. This is convenient when you’re stocking materials or talking with another customer. In our experience, businesses love access control because of the safe feeling it gives employees and customers alike. Read more about our access control solutions.


Panic bars and other emergency exit devices are required by law for many commercial businesses. We offer consulting, repair and installation of all types of these devices. Emergency exit devices ensure that a store can be exited immediately without use of a key.


Since some businesses get hundreds of customers a day, a commercial hand lever ensures that entry and exit is simple and without breaks. Commercial hand levers last for thousands of uses per day. They are also weather and rust resistent. We offer all kinds of commercial levers. Some levers that we have in stock are Schleg, Seargent, and other kinds of interchangeabl core levers.


Many businesses ask us to repair or install restroom locks with indicators so that customers know when someone is using the restroom. You’ve all seen these kinds of indicators. They say “Available” or “In Use” to let you know the status of the restroom. There are many kinds of restroom indicators.

But we think installing any one of them is a smart move. Without a restroom indicator,  customers often force or jimmy the locks, trying to open it. When customers force the lock, it reduces the lifespan of the lock. Ultimately you’ll have to replace the lock more often, costing more money than if you had installed a lock indicator.


The fire dperatment requires lock indicators for many businesses. Lock indicators show whether a door is locked or unlocked. Really simple right? Yes it’s simple – and it can require a commercial locksmith to install. We guarantee same day service.

The indicator usually has to be installed on existing lock mechanism. If it’s not installed 100% correctly, it can damage the door. Why? Because in order to install the indicator, a locksmith has to drill a hole in the door. If the hole isn’t drill right, the indicator won’t be correct and you’re left with a useless door. The hole in the door can’t be fixed and you’ll have to replace the door. Don’t get it wrong! Hire a commercial locksmith to install the indicator correctly the first time.


Security cameras solve many security issues. Why? Because they can stop crime as well as ensure justice for you and your customers. Surveillance systems record thieving customers, late-night burglaries, and crime. It’s good to have a record of what happens in your business. Often when burglers or other criminals see that a surveillance system is in place, they leave the business alone. Better safe than sorry.

We can install and replace security cameras on your home or business for the interior and exterior of the building.

Alamo Key & Lock has certified commercial locksmiths to help you with your business security issue. We have fully-stocked vans, 24/7 mobile response, and we guarantee our work. Call us now!

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