Master Key Systems

With a master key system, you will be able to ditch your keyring and use one key to open all your doors.  1 Key to Rule Them All. The convenience of 1 Key for All Doors. Take Charge of Security Using Master Key System.

Master Key System Installation Advice And Expert Service

  • Do you have a lot of private rooms in your home or building?
  • If privacy and security important to you, your family, friends, and guests?
  • Do you want more control over who can enter which rooms and with what key?

There are many different reasons why installing and using a master key system may be ideal. A master key system gives you a master key to every single lock in your property, along with child keys that can only open certain rooms. Basically, using a master key system, you’ll get to control who has what key and which rooms they can unlock and lock.

Alamo Key & Lock has professionally set up many master key systems for Houston homeowners since our founding over 36+ years ago.

There are many different scenarios where installing a Master Key System may be the perfect solution, for example, when our valued customers want better privacy, access control, and a higher level of security, a master key system might be the right solution because it providesprecise level of access control compared to the normal type of keying systems.

When you’d like to learn more about master keys, or types of locks available for your needs, simply call 713-688-3887 to consult with your local locksmith located here in Houston Texas.

Master Key Systems

Basics Of Master Key System

A master key system can be thought of as a security arrangement in which one key can open every lock within that system, while other keys can only lock and unlock certain doors.

Usually, the business manager or property owner keeps the master key. For large offices, buildings, and houses, these systems work great as they allow owners and managers a level of access control they wouldn’t otherwise have.

How Long Will Take To Install A Master Key System?

As you would agree to install a Master Key System will depend on your specific requirements, building size, and how many doors and locks you’d want to install your new keys. Larger properties will require more time to install such systems. Our professional team here at Alamo Key & Lock working efficiently can get the job done in a timely manner, professionally, and do so at the most competitive rates anywhere in Houston. To learn more or get an estimate on your master key system setup simply get in touch with your local Locksmiths in Houston TX.

What Happens If I Lose The Master Key?

Unfortunate always is when we lose or misplace our keys, but hey, leading busy lives at times causes us to lose our master key as well. And yet, we can remedy this issue very quickly should you happen to lose your master key. Alamo Key & Lock can replace your lost master key in Houston as it’s a simple task for us, especially for master key systems installed by us.

Not Sure About Using Master Key Systems?

We understand that it’s never an easy task for our valued customers to decide when it comes to property security and locking systems. After all, there are many different kinds of locking systems to choose from. When you call 713-688-3887 Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths in Houston TX, we may be able to provide professional answers over the phone regarding master key systems being the right solution for your requirements. Or better yet, you can arrange a suitable time for our licensed and experienced locksmiths to visit your property to assess the locking systems to find the perfect solution whether it’s Master Key Systems, Maison System, or other types of systems.

Let us simplify residential and commercial keying systems, provide professional advice, and take care of a diverse set of security challenges for your home or business in Houston Texas.

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