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Residential Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Residential Services

Residential Locksmith team makes absolutely certain that your house is a safe house. Our Residential Locksmith pros are always just a few minutes away.

Commercial Locksmith Services at Alamo Key and Lock

Commercial Services

Commercial Locksmith team is well versed in changing locks for hundreds of offices. Companies rely on our Locksmith pro's to keep their assets protected.

automotive locksmith services

Car & Vehicle Services

Automotive Locksmith professionals are on-call 24 hours a day, every minute of the day. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to keys and locks.

Emergency Locksmith services by alamo lock and key

Emergency Services

Emergency Locksmith professionals are on-call 24 hours a day, every minute of the day. There’s nothing we can’t do when it comes to keys and locks.

Contact Alamo Key and Lock in Houston Today! We Offer 24 Hour Locksmith Services in Houston and surrounding areas!



Our goal: to be the most trusted, reliable and friendly local locksmith team in Houston and surrounding cities including Katy, Humble, and Cypress..

Hence, all of our locksmiths have licenses and insurance. Check for the locksmith B License number to ensure you’re hiring a professional! Because we believe that building relationships with customers is better for them and for us, we strive to be friendly and trustworthy.

In addition, in order to support our Houston community, we are happy to offer a 20% discount to all veterans and senior citizens. Our commercial client roster includes locksmithing work for Ikea, Cash Advance, JC Penny, Lulu Lemon, and more.


Why do Houstonians call us? The most common reasons people call a locksmith we have found are that:

  1. You’ve lost the combination of a lock, safe or keypad. We often fix safe, lock, and keypad combinations when a customer needs the combination reset or replaced.
  2. You locked your car key in the vehicle, the key is stuck in the igntion, or the key breaks in half when trying to force the key into the lock or ignition.
  3. The auto ignition jams and locks up
  4. Your door bolt is stiff and it’s hard to get the deadbolt or other kind of bolt to lock and unlock. This often happens for frequently used front doors and exterior doors.
  5. Your car key gets stuck in an exterior door. Because exterior doors face the elements, they experience more rusting, dust buildup, and other subtle damage over time, more than interior doors. This can result in a number of problems with your door lock. The number one problem we have seen is that a key gets stuck in the lock of an exterior door. Trying to force the key to turn can jam it in further, break the key in half, or even further damage the cylinder of the lock.

Don’t panic! Our locksmith responds 24 hours, 7 days a week to these and other kinds of key and lock emergencies. Our mobile truck is fully stocked with replacement keys, re-tooling and re-keying kits, and more. Call (713) 688-3887 now to speak with a professional Houston locksmith!

We promise you will not get a robot!


Please call us if you have an emergency key and lock situation! Call (713) 688-3887! 

Common emergencies are:

  1. Locked out of your car, house or business and need to get inside. Common causes are that you accidentally lock the key in the trunk or somewhere else in the vehicle; the key sticks in the door and won’t come out; the key breaks or stops working if it is a digital key.
  2. You’ve forgotten or lost the keypad combination to a safe or door lock.
  3. A gate or sliding door bolt or padlock breaks – either the bolt won’t slide into the bolt hole or the bolt sticks / jams in the bolt hole

These are just some of the numerous causes we see everyday that require people to get help from a Houston locksmith nearby. Please watch out for scams! There are a few Pro-Tips you can try before you call us. We only offer these locksmith solutions because the solutions to so many emergencies are so simple, easy, and effective.

If we can save our locksmith customers time and money, we believe we will benefit in the long run, and so will the cities like Houston, Humble, and Katy, where we operate. 


This one tip might cost so much business that some locksmiths might not want us to post about it. However, it’s truly useful and obvious. Anyone can do it. And the tip  can save our customers a lot of wasted time and money.

We often hear from people who are leaving for work in the morning or getting home from work in the evening and gotten their key stuck in the front door lock; can’t turn the key anymore; or the door appears jammed.


Lubricant! Of course.

As obvious as this solution may seem, you may be surprised at how few people try this simple yet effective trick. Try WD-40 or another spray-on lubricant. Don’t use a household oil as it will get sticky and gum up with dust and debris. Although WD-40 is the obvious choice for spray-on lubricants, if you have time you can pick up a more penetrating lubricant such as CorrosionX which is anti-rust and seize.


Take preventative measures before the situation becomes an emergency! Watch out for that morning struggle you have with your front door, or that thought that you really should make a spare / duplicate car key but you don’t have the time or attention to do it now. If you attend to key issues when they are minor, you’ll save time, money, and a trip for us!

For example, Here’s a totally free way to prevent yourself from having to call out an expensive locksmith to reset your keypad combination lock: treat your keypad combination locks as securely as you would any other password. Store the information in a safe or other secure place so that you will never lose it. You wouldn’t just write down your banking codes on a piece of paper or sticky note, would you?

We offer many other services for three main kinds of customers – residential services, commercial services, and automotive services.


Read more tips on our FAQ page and on our Blog page, where we keep our customer community updated on locksmith news. 

Residential Locksmith Services

Our residential locksmith near Houston and the surrounding cities can perform any security-safe, key, and lock task that you need done. Our service list includes changing and replacing locks, key cutting, re-keying and duplication, helping you with a home lockout, fixing or replacing deadbolt locks; creating a master key system for your household; replacing broken or damaged peep holes; and repairing burglary damage.

Get our full list and description of our residential locksmith services.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Experiencing an office lockout? Call us immediately! We’ll get you and your customers back inside your business.

Alamo Key & Lock works with small and large commercial businesses to guide their key and lock projects. We create access control systems so that businesses can decide who can and cannot enter their business and when;fix, replace, and sell new file cabinet locks and showcase locks and safes.

We also install panic and push bars and high security locks. Our other services include installing biometric locks, keyless entry systems, fixing and installing commercial garage locks, working on every facet of a buzzer system and door closer locks, and fixing or installing digital door locks, window locks, and key fob systems for condo’s and other commercial set-ups.


Get our full commercial locksmith services list.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Alamo Key & Lock provides 24 hour, 7 day a week auto locksmithing services. The most common problems we see are:

  • The owner has lost the car keys.
  • The key is stuck in the ignition and we must do a key extraction.
  • The key gets locked inside the car.
  • The ignition quit working or jams / sticks.
  • The car key loses its program and needs reprogramming.

Truly you have nothing to worry about! Our technician will come to you and can make keys from scratch on site, reprogram a key in twenty to thirty minutes, and make or replace key fobs on site. We will get you back on the road in under an hour! Same day response guaranteed.

Call us now for mobile Houston locksmithing services: (713) 688-3887

Or check our full automotive locksmith service list


As we all know, Texans love guns. Whether this applies to you or not, you may own a gun that needs safe and secure storing, out of the reach of children. We fix, replace, and install gunsafes and storage solutions regularly for our customers. But gun owners often face a challenge: they want their guns accessible quickly and easily in case of burglary, yet they don’t want anyone ELSE accessing their guns, especially if young children are around. Alamo Key & Lock understands this dilemma and will work the owner to come up with the best solution for the kind and location of the gunsafe.

In addition, we offer fingerprint-only gunsafes. As the name implies, only fingerprints can open these gunsafes. They often work as a great secure way to house your pistols and firearms near your bed or other place where you might want access to your gun, without a child being able to get to it.

We devote a huge portion of our time and attention in providing high quality service for our safe and high-security safe customers. We cater to our clients who need standard safes all the way to diamond safes. In addition, we install and repair floor and wall safes.



The NYTimes reported that rogue scamming locksmiths have quietly become an epidemic in America, among the fastest-growing sources of consumer complaints, according to the Consumer Federation of America. This is true in Texas too! Don’t let yourself fall prey to scamming locksmiths!

Here’s a few red flags to watch out for and what to do about them.

Following these tips will help keep your safe and yourself safe: (Humor intended!)

  • Scamming locksmiths work by posting ridiculously cheap service call prices, such as $15 to $30, then arriving on site and charging hundreds of hidden fees. Don’t trust ridiculously cheap Houston locksmith fees! They really are too good to be true. A professional locksmith has to make a living and industry standard service call fee is $49.
  • A professional, licensed locksmith will always troubleshoot a problem from the least expensive solution to the most expensive. For example, they will often pick a jammed door lock as the first step, since this method doesn’t damage the lock. Scamming locksmiths, however, will start by drilling your lock, or even using a crowbar on the door! This approach obviously damages cylinders and door frames, so that they can charge even more to replace the materials.
  • Licensed locksmiths have what any licensed professional might have — a license number. Alamo Key & Locks license number is #B17986. Check that any locksmith you use has this number, which is only given to those who receive licenses from the Department of Public Safety. The DPS considers Locksmiths Safety Professionals and regulate the profession as such.

We’ll post about more locksmith scams, tips, tricks and other key and lock information that home and business owners might want to know about on our Blog page. Stay informed!

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