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Professional Locksmiths in Houston Offering Affordable Safe Locksmith service, Alamo Key And Lock repairs and installs safes for homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas.

Whey Alamo Key And Lock To Repair, Unlock Or Install Your Safe?

  • Family-owned and operated professional locksmiths in Houston TX since 1982
  • We can do a thorough audit of your home security to ensure you get the right safe for you
  • We have top-quality safes in stock and can order the right safe according to your requirements (e.g. guns, jewelry, important documents, and others)
  • As a Texas-based business, we know the importance of gun ownership of our customers. For this reason, we also specialize in gun safe installation and consultations for maximum protection from intruders, and to keep away from children
  • Our locksmiths will always come to you and inspect and fix your safe
  • Same day response guaranteed 24 / 7
  • 100% guaranteed parts and quality workmanship
Safe locksmith service

What Are The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Safes

In over 35 years of consulting Houston customers on installing safes, the most common mistake we see is where the homeowner chooses to place the safe. Because most homeowners think a safe in the closet is secure and out of the house, this location is the first place thieves look.

For this reason, we recommend to homeowners that they place a cheap, fake safe in the closet with non-valuable documents, and hide the real safe elsewhere. When a thief finds the fake safe in the closet, he or she will think it’s the real one and waste their precious minutes trying to open it. Meanwhile, you have bought the police time to come and get the bad guy.

Safe Repair & Installation Service

Alamo Key and Lock can repair your old safe and install new ones as needed. The most common way old safes break is that someone loses the key combination or program if it’s an electric safe, or a thief tried to break into the safe. Since breaking into a safe may damage it, the safe will likely need repairs.

Safe Locksmith Pro-Tip: In fact, we often recommend to customers that when they are building a new home or business, they install a floor safe while the building is still under construction. Floor safes sit directly in the concrete, and no thief can extract them without heavy-duty equipment. 

In a very real way, only thieves from the movies could get into safes installed in concrete on the floor of a secure home. Since the safe is snug in the concrete with a trap door over it, all you see is the small dial of the safe, and there’s no way to get access to the points of entry a thief needs to break into it.

Safe Audit Service

During our safety audit of your home, we can assess what kind of safes are best for you, and where best to place them. For example, in sheetrock homes, we don’t recommend wall safes, since a thief can easily break through the sheetrock wall, take the entire safe, and then break it at his or her leisure. In addition, floor safes often need to be installed during a remodel or construction of the home, so we recommend hiring Alamo Key and Lock while you are still planning your home or a remodel.


Safe Cracking Service

Alamo Key and Lock licensed locksmiths can crack safes that you need to be opened. Of course, homeowners and business owners will have to provide ownership proof of their safe before Alamo Key and Lock safe locksmiths will open it. Call the manufacturer and track down proof of purchase if you do not have any other documentation available. If the locksmith has to drill the safe, Alamo Key and Lock guarantees the repair for you.

Why do owners need to have a safe cracked? Most often the combination of the safe has been lost. Another reason is, if the safe has a smart or electronic keypad, the battery may have gone out on the safe, and the whole mechanism will no longer work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Safes

Most Common Reasons Why Homeowners Buy Safes

Alamo Key and Lock often recommend homeowners buy safes when they want to securely protect any valuable items. Safes can protect jewelry, guns, documents, and expensive materials like gold.

All About Safes

Safe fire ratings are a quick way to determine how much heat a safe can withstand and for how long the safe can be in the fire while protecting the contents inside. 

Where To Buy A Safe From A Locksmith?

Different kinds of safes work in different ways. A combination safe for example has a combination dial attached to a spindle that runs inside of many wheels. The wheels must be moved in alignment before the lever that blocks the safe door from opening, will open.

How Are Safes Cracked?

Learning how a locksmith or thief cracks a safe may help you decide that in fact, you do need a safe. Here’s a simple guide about how safe cracking works.

Are Safes Worth It?

Yes! Alamo Key and Lock highly recommend homeowners with valuable belongings protect them with a high-security safe. Because your safety is the last line of defense between your valuables and a thief, it must be concealed and correctly installed. Also, safes protect valuable documents, jewelry, and guns from damage.


Safe Locksmith

Safecracking Locksmith In Houston Texas

Safecracking is the art and science of opening a locked safe. Although it may seem like this is a dodgy craft, it’s essential to work for a safe locksmith.

Alamo Key & Lock safe locksmiths are licensed professionals that can enter your safe without damaging it. Call 713-688-3887

Why do homeowners and businesses need safe-cracking services?

  • A safe has broken
  • The combination or key code program to a safe has gotten lost
  • The safe was in a fire and no longer opens properly
  • A piece of the locking mechanism has broken
  • An extremely old safe needs to be opened and the combo for it is lost

Why Can’t You Open Your Safe?

Cracking open a safe is quite difficult without the proper tools and know-how. Unlike a lock, a simple lock picking kit won’t get the safe open. And you even need more than a bump key and a torque wrench, which are often used to open other kinds of locks. Safes, on the other hand, have special combination dials and internal bars that prevent simple lock picking from working. For this reason we recommend hiring a real safe locksmith for the task of cracking your safe.

How Long Does It Take To Crack A Safe For A Safe Locksmith?

If done properly and it’s a straightforward job, cracking a safe can take under an hour. However, safes are designed to be difficult to enter and to take a long time. If they weren’t, why would you have them in the first place!? Please be prepared to show your proof of ownership documentation to the Alamo Key & Lock locksmith who arrives. Since a locksmith can’t open your lock on faith that you are the owner, you must show proof.

How Do I Provide Proof I Own The Safe?

The easiest way to prove that you own the safe that you need to open is to have a proof of purchase slip. If you don’t have one, then you can call the manufacturer to see if they still have a record of when you bought the safe.

Since neither of these options may be right for you, we recommend you call our locksmith to get additional advice.

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