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The benefit of digital door locks, also called “keyless locks”, are that you don’t need a key to use them. And because you don’t need a key, there’s nothing to lose or have stolen from you. For this reason, many homeowners and businesses alike love digital locks, which are a kind of keyless entry system. These kinds of keyless door lock range in price based on how secure they are, how easy or difficult they are to install, and their features. People use keyless locks to secure Airbnb’s, hotels, condos, private offices, and homes, to name a few applications.

In fact, you can also find keyless locks on smaller items such as jewelry cases and security cabinets. For this reason, keyless locks have a huge array of applications and use.

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digital door lock installation & Repair


Digital door locks give you a lot of security and added features over keyed door locks. First of all, there’s no key to lose or worrying that someone has duplicated. Of course, you still have a combination code that you could forget. For that reason, Alamo Key & Lock STRONGLY advise all customers with keyless locks to write down their key code for their digital lock and store it somewhere safe. The safe location you store your keycode should be as secure as anyplace you would hide a valuable document like a bank statement or check.


Digital key codes come in varying degrees of security and and with different high-tech features.

The most advanced digital key codes are biometric codes. These are fingerprint scanners — really futuristic stuff, right? Wrong — biometric scanner locks are becoming more and more common.

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