Locking Mailboxes

Alamo Key & Lock works with locking mailboxes so that your mail stays safe and in your hands.

  • Do you have a standard mailbox that receives high security deliveries?
  • Are you concerned anyone can grab your mail without you being able to stop them?
  • Is your mailbox visibly unsecured?
  • Did you recently have mail stolen and never want this to happen again?

Alamo Key & Lock can help with all of these mailbox security issues. Since highly private and valuable deliveries can wind up in your mail, the security of your mailbox is more important than ever. Daily it seems that a news channel reports on another case of identity theft or stolen merchandise. Don’t let this happen to you! Why are mailboxes so easy to break into?

locking mailboxes

What’s The Problem With A Standard Mailbox?

Most mailboxes don’t have a lock alarm or sensor, so anyone can walk up, put their hands in, and take whatever is inside.

Many mailboxes live near a property edge close to a road so anyone can simply drive up next to the box, steal what’s inside, and drive or run away.

Because so much valuable property makes its way through your mail, why wouldn’t you invest in a locking mailbox or at least a more secure one?


  • A locking mailbox. These mailboxes require a keycode or key to open. Without the code or the key, no one will be able to get inside. They would have to pick the lock or steal the entire mailbox. In either case, the difficulty of breaking in will deter 90% of all thieves.
  • Surveillance equipment. Alamo Key & Lock often recommend to customers who are highly concerned about their mailbox security that they install security cameras that can survey the mailbox and the nearby area, protecting your property and thwarting would-be thieves.
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