Key Replacement Service

Alamo Key and Lock delivers reliable and prompt Key Replacement Locksmith services in Houston and surrounding areas.

Key Replacement, Rekey, Or Duplication Solutions

Since 1982, our expert Key Replacement Locksmiths have created various types of new keys for our valued customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. That means, serving our local Houston community for many years has taught us how to deliver prompt and cost-effective locksmith services. As soon as you call 713-688-3887 you’ll be speaking directly with a local Houston locksmith who is ready to come out to your address within minutes to solve all lock and key problems as we offer 24-hour service 7 days a week.

Houston Key Replacement Locksmith Services. 100% Guaranteed Workmanship and Task Completed Within Minutes

Replacing a lost or stolen key is a simple process as we come out to you ready with a fully stocked locksmith van, meaning, we can replace keys on the spot.

The Key Was Lost Or Stolen Or The Old Key No Longer Works In The Lock

Many times it’s not the lock that is damaged. Even metal keys wear down over time. Rather than getting the key replaced, some of our valued customers want their key duplicated or copied. Having spare keys can also be useful especially for guests, family members, or even grown-up teenagers wanting greater freedom and responsibility handling their own set of keys. 

Furthermore, your trusted locksmiths here at Alamo Key & Lock can take care of specialty locks and keys as well. 

You’re Locked Out Of Your Home And Want A Lost (Or Misplaced) Key Replaced

You are not alone. We all lead busy lives, as a result, losing or misplacing keys is more common than you may think. In fact, the number of home lockouts in Houston TX is on the rise, some reports throughout other large USA cities is over 100 home lockouts are reported each morning, every day. Although here in Texas Houston home lockouts aren’t as common, we get many service calls for re-keying lockouts or key replacement solutions by our trusted local locksmith company here in Houston.

If you too have lost your key and need one replaced professionally, we can do that for you on the spot. In an emergency, we come to your house as quickly as 15 to 30 minutes (45 minutes if there’s heavy traffic) to handle all your lock and key issues.

Avoid Unprofessional Key Replacement Work At All Costs

Keep in mind that some other locksmiths in Texas may replace keys and scam Houstonians on the side. Here are some of the horror stories we heard over the years:

  • Replace the key with fewer cuts than the original: since cutting a key can be difficult, some locksmiths will just make a few less cuts just enough for the key to work for time being. Even though the key looks right upon replacement, they won’t work or worse yet break within short time requiring you to call the unprofessional locksmith again.
  • Using the wrong sized metal key: some locksmiths wont get the correct original metal key, especially for specialized keys. Once again the key might look right, but it won’t work properly breaking with little amount of force.
  • Locksmiths telling you that your lock is broken and you need to upgrade to a more expensive door lock: although sometimes upgrading to a better quality security door lock is a smart move, some locksmiths will say your door lock is broken beyond repair when it really isn’t. And they’ll do this just so they can replace the whole door lock, which obviously will be more expensive for you. Often times a broken door lock only needs to be adjusted or re-keyed.

Alamo Key & Lock is a family-owned and operated trusted locksmiths in Houston Texas. We have been serving homeowners and businesses replace their keys for over 36+ years. That means, when you want reliable, cost-effective, and honest Houston Locksmiths, you can trust on Alamo Key & Lock

Questions about keys or locks? Call your trusted local houston locksmiths 713-688-3887 Alamo Key & Lock for all key replacement requirements.

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