Looking For Keys Made Near You?

Searching for keys made near you?  Alamo Key & Lock has been making keys for over 35 years. Mobile and emergency service for Houston TX means we are always close by.

When You Need Keys Made Near You In Houston

We’ll Be There in a Flash

Alamo Key & Lock go where you need us, promptly. We can duplicate keys, replace old ones, extract a stuck key, or simply make one while next to you as we are never far away in Houston.

Alamo Key & Lock understands that key services are essential for Houston homeowners. For over 35 years we’ve offered rekeying, key cutting, key replacement, and a variety of other locksmith services to solve our community’s locksmith requirements and home security concerns.

  • Fully licensed and insured locksmith in the State of Texas. License #B17986
  • Over 35 years in business in Houston and surrounding areas such as Cypress, Kay, Humble, and other Houston communities
  • Fully-stocked locksmith trucks when you need keys made near you? for rekeying, duplicating, and extracting keys. Precision equipment to produce long-lasting key sets. Key extraction methods to ensure your lock does not get damaged.
  • We work with all kinds of locks and keys, including doors, garage doors, filing cabinets, windows, safes, and more.
  • Friendly, reliable service and same-day response guaranteed.
  • We will always look for the most inexpensive option for you when doing key extractions and other kinds of key and lock replacement or installation.

Alamo Key & Lock operates in nearly every neighborhood and surrounding city of Houston, Texas. When you need keys made near you in a hurry, call 713-688-3887 because our Houston locksmiths can be at your door usually within 15 to 30 minutes (45 minutes at the latest during Houston rush hour times).

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Rekeying And Key Cutting Near You

Alamo Key & Lock rekey all types of cylinders. The three main kinds of tumbler cylinder locks we rekey are 5pin, 6pin, and 7pin. We also rekey IC locks.

Professional Warning

If you don’t use a licensed professional locksmith, whoever re-cuts your key may use fewer cuts! Instead of getting a 6cut key, you only get 2 cuts for example. The fewer cuts a key has the easier it is for a thief to pick the lock that it goes into. Many unqualified locksmiths try to get their job done faster by skipping on key cuts. This tactic puts you at great risk because then any key can open your lock. And we believe that’s the last thing you would want.

High Security Keys?

When you want our Houston locksmiths to recut a high security key, you must provide proof that it is your key. You can usually get proof from the merchant who sold you the key. If you are unsure about the type of key you possess for rekeying, simply call our 713-688-3887 as we can assist you further. Keep in mind that when you call us, unlike other locksmiths, we don’t charge $$$ our valued customers for advice when you call us.

Remember our locksmiths offer mobile service – so if you need keys made near you, they will be there.

Key Replacements

Lost your house keys? If you can’t find your house keys or believe they were stolen, don’t panic. Alamo Key & Lock will change the locks the same day and have new keys made near you. Our locksmiths can change the entire locks in your house on the same day. Our trucks are fully stocked with locks and tools to install a new set of locks and have keys made right there and then next to you.

In our experience, when a key is stolen, the entire chain is stolen with it. The thieves will usually come in the morning when the homeowner has gone to work, rarely at night. Because they move quickly, we usually recommend all the locks of the house be changed out immediately.

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Alamo Key & Lock Houston locksmiths have key making equipment on our stocked vans, which means we can come to you and make your keys quickly. No matter where you live in Houston Texas, we are as close as a phone call away 713-688-3887

Residential Keys For Duplication

The most basic residential lock in Houston — and the United States for that matter — is the Kwikset lock and the Schlage 5pin lock. If you don’t know what a pin is in a tumbler lock, this might be a good time to either learn more about them or speak with a professional locksmith near you in Houston.

We can duplicate both 5pin cut keys and 6pin cut keys. We always recommend to customers to use 6 cut keys. Why? Because a 6 cut lock is more difficult to bump/pick. In other words, it’s slightly more secure. One of our valued customers in Houston once lived in an apartment where in one year, 16 apartment units were broken into simply by thieves picking the locks! In fact, an amateur thieve can pick a 5 pin lock in under 5 minutes.


For our valued commercial customers, their needs are usually either one of two keys: either for a Schlage Primus or IC (interchangeable core) lock. These commercial keys will say do not duplicate on them. We stand by that guideline! The only way for us to duplicate a key that says do not duplicate is if you can show proof that you are allowed to copy the key. For example, Medico has provided you with a registration slip that shows ownership and permission. Once again, if unsure, contact us.

Other Key Duplication Services

We do get other kinds of requests to duplicate keys. These keys include padlocks, mailboxes, garage doors, filing cabinets, vaults, safes, and other types of locks. If you have a specialty key, we likely can duplicate it as well, and have your new specialty keys made near you. Call 713-688-3887 because we can also order it for you. And once the specialty key arrives, our mobile locksmiths can have installed a new key in a very short period of time.


Key services are varied but we’ve noticed they often come in similar scenarios. Here are a few that you may find yourself experiencing:

  • Keys get stuck and break
  • You’ve recently bought a house and need to rekey all of the locks
  • Keys are lost

Very important advice: If you have recently bought a house, or have purchased a rental property in Houston TX, it’s just a smart decision to rekey all the locks. Because the previous tenants may still possess their keys (or spares). In fact, anyone who had a copy of the key could get into the property or even may have given those keys to others. Contractors, brokers, or anyone who could previously enter the house may still be able to. We always recommend new homeowners rekey their locks right away. Perhaps you may reason as “well you are a locksmith that is why you want us to get new keys made near us”. Surely, we do want to serve you. And yet, having new keys made, is better for you in every sense of the word. Because burglary is just a bad experience and repairs can cost big $$$$.


  • Need an extra set of specialty, hard-to-find keys such as a skeleton or heart key? We’ll get it done.
  • Key is stuck in a lock, padlock, or ignition. It’s jammed and you can’t get it out. This happens especially for exterior doors that face dust and rust, and that are used often. New keys made near you are extremely convenient way to solve the issue, because your new locksmith can extract the old key and make you a new one right away.
  • The key has actually broken in the lock. Even if you have a spare, getting the key out by yourself can be hazardous and pose a risk damaging the lock further.
  • You’ve lost a set of keys to a lock and need to have Houston locksmiths nearby for key replacement? We’ll get it done.


Here’s a full list of the kinds of keys that we can make or copy. Our locksmiths have equipment that can have keys made near you in minutes. We often keep many kinds of keys in stock, so if you don’t see your key listed here – don’t worry! This list is just a sample of what we carry.

Ask us about your particular key situation and we are likely to assist.

  • Standard House keys for cylinder locks. These are the kind that you see on most standard interior and exterior doors. (Keys for mortice and Rim locks)
  • Furniture keys like cabinet locks, drawer and dresser locks, and more.
  • Keys for doors, windows, and gates.
  • Specialty high-security keys like patented or restricted keys
  • Other specialty keys such as abloy keys, double and four-sided keys and various antique keys like heart or skeleton keys.
  • Transponder keys, vehicle keys.

Any of these different kinds of keys can be made, copied, extracted, changed, and replaced while near you in Houston TX. Contact 713-688-3887 Alamo Key & Lock for trusted locksmith solutions.

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