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Alamo Key & Lock sells, changes, repairs, and installs High Security Locks for Houston Businesses.

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Alamo Key & Lock has helped business owners through Houston and the surrounding areas get a grip on their high security lock needs. Founded in 1982, our locksmiths are some of the most experienced working in the commercial sector today.

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The Difference Between A High Security Lock & Standard Commercial One?

The first factor setting a high security lock apart from a standard commercial lock is the design of the lock.

Most standard commercial door locks are pin tumbler locks, which have wheels inside of a lock cylinder with pins. The key for this kind of lock is cut to match the pins in the lock. The more pins the lock has, the more cuts in the key, and the more precise key cutting is needed. Conversely, the fewer pins in the lock, then the fewer cuts on the key are needed, and thus less precious and skill is required of the key cutter.

When a commercial door lock has fewer pins, it’s easy to break into the door for two reasons. And Business owners can already imagine what comes next. First, a thief needs less skill and time to pick the lock with a simple lock picking kit. And second, a bump key can more easily fit in the lock cylinder and imitate the profile of a real cut key. In other words, a bump key, which is a thieving key that fits the grooves of the pins in the cylinder, can be more primitive.

Most standard commercial door locks have 4 or 5 pins.

Are High Security Locks Worth It?

High security locks are definitely worth considering for your commercial property or private residence.

There are a lot of benefits to high security locks that business owners don’t get with standard commercial door locks. So the real question comes down to, “What makes a lock high security?” There are several factors.

How Do High Security Locks Work?

High security door locks, on the other hand….have 6 or 7 pins. All those pins are much more difficult to break through using a bump key or a pick locking method.

But this is just the start of what makes high security keys so secure.

Another way thieves break into a commercial door is by drilling the lock. However, many high security keys cannot be drilled. (At least with most commercial drills that many thieves would carry). Because high security locks like a High Security Medeco Lock have built-in metal crossbars, these locks block a drill from penetrating to the core of the lock.

Lastly, high security locks are secure for a simple psychological reason. A thief sees a high security lock and thinks, “If they have high security locks, what other security systems do they have? Are there hidden security systems? Multi-point alarms?” High security locks have a psychological deterrence, keeping thieves at bay

Different Types Of High Security Locks

The most common high security lock brand in Houston is Medeco. Alamo Key & Lock carries Medeco brand Locks and has installed dozens of these on storefronts, backdoors, private offices, and other commercial doors. Other important brands that Alamo Key & Lock can install on your door are Tuff Strike High Security Locks and Mul-T-Locks.

Business owners should take every precaution with their properties to prevent crime according to the City of Houston.

Alamo Key & Lock provides additional security devices and systems to help you keep your business safe.

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High Security Deadbolts

In addition to brand name differences for your door lock and lever, business owners should consider a high security deadbolt for added protection. High security deadbolts can have metal-plated protection and hidden vertical rods that are so tough to break through a thief would have to pull out the entire door frame.


High security back doors are extremely effective at securing a commercial door, because they literally secure the entire door to the wall from inside the building. The only way to remove these bars for a robber is to pull out the entire door and much of the wall with it. When considering a high security lock install, it’s good to think about high security bars too.


Another security system concept to consider is whether to install keyless keypad high security devices, or use keyed high security devices. There is a huge difference in your security system in terms of whether you’re property uses keyed or non-keyed electronic security locks. For this reason it’s best to consult a professional locksmith to discuss the pros and cons of the different master key systems.


Another feature that makes high security locks so secure is that the keys that open them are non-duplicate keys. This means that only under certain conditions are they allowed, or even able to be, copied. No locksmith should duplicate a non-duplicate key.

Important Professional Note: In fact, if you do need your high security key replaced, copied, or duplicated, you must provide proof of ownership to the Alamo Key & Lock locksmith. If you don’t, the locksmith won’t make the copy for you.

If customers search for the right Commercial Houston Locksmith Services then they will help you. They will be able to come and look at your Locks whenever you need them. Night or day, rain, sleet or shine. Somebody will be there to assist you and get you back into that office as quickly as they can. Professional locksmiths will be able to deal with the problem in minutes most of the time.


Getting into an office or commercial building which has damaged High Security Locks is quite a large task. It gets more difficult every single year as locking technology gets better. The right Commercial Houston High Security Locks Services provider will be able to tackle the job.

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