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THE MOST TRUSTED emergency locksmith IN HOUSTON TX

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Alamo Key & Lock has emergency locksmiths ready to handle nearly any security issue you can throw at them. Since 1982 we’ve provided Houston with friendly, fast, and professional service right to their door. 

If you really are in need of an emergency locksmith, call us at (713) 688-3887. You’ll never get an automated answer. Our call representatives are real humans who attend to your needs.  


With so many locksmiths to choose from, it can be a headache for Houston home and business owners to know which ones to trust.

In fact, the BBB warns against rogue locksmiths looking like regular locksmiths. These scam locksmiths offer extremely cheap prices to get to your door. Then they inflate their prices when they arrive. In addition, according to News Channel 10, these scamming locksmiths make keys for themselves when they copy your key! Don’t let an emergency situation be a reason you fall prey to scamming locksmiths.

It’s more important than ever to know a professional locksmith from a fake. Here’s how you can tell Alamo Key & Lock is the real deal:


Alamo Key & Lock was established in 1982 and has grown through friendly, honest work for our Houston customers.

  • Our 24 hour emergency locksmith crew has branded logos and images on our van, that way you know they are who they say they are.
  • Our locksmith license is #B17986. We received our license from The Texas Department of Public Safety. It may be helpful to read more about what it takes to become a real professional locksmith
  • The reviews we receive are authentic and numerous. Our customers leave us reviews on Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s list. 
  • We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service right to your door


Residential Locksmith Travels to Your HomeEmergency Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith professionals are on-call 24 hours a day, every minute of the day in Houston, TX. Locked out of your house? Locked your key in your car? Need a lock changed? Call us now!

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Our professional locksmiths perform many kinds of services for our Houston customers in dire straights. Here’s a few examples of some of the tasks we can do for you. This list is not complete. If you don’t see your task listed here, please call us! Our locksmiths know more than they can possible write down. 


You got locked out of your home because the key jammed in the lock, the key broke, or you lost the key. Other reasons we’ve seen for homeowners to get locked out — they forced the wrong key into the lock. During morning rush time, this isn’t as rare as you’d expect. Don’t be embarassed! Instead, get help! 


Sometimes a lock will slowly deteriorate over time and one day the key will suddenly break or jam in the cylinder. We’ve seen many homeowners try to force their door handles to turn to the point that they literally break. Most common of all though is trying to force a key to turn that is stuck. Why do keys stop working? They key profile may have gotten worn down over time or rust and debris build up in an exterior door blocks the key.

Emergency Locksmith Pro Tip: Before you call out an emergency locksmith — try to lubricate the door! A silicone or aerosole lubricant with a straw will work. 


You may have locked the key in the car cabin or truck or even just lost the key. When you’re locked out of your own car it can be extremely frustrating. We understand! We guarantee we will be at your car with our emergency locksmith within 45 minutes. And if there’s no traffic, usually 15-30 minutes. 


When a business gets locked out, everone loses. The business owner, employees, and worst of all, customers can’t get inside your store! The most common reason this happens is that there’s a keypad lock and the keypad programming messes up, and no one can remember how to recode a new program in. Our emergency locksmith does. We have keypad programming machines on board our mobile vans. 


Sometimes a business may need to very quickly rekey the exterior doors. This sometimes happens if you think a  disgruntled employee who has a key or knows the combination might sneak back in. We always recommend to our customers that they rekey all the locks and change the keypad combinations after letting go of employees. Better safe than sorry. 


In sum, our emergency service locksmiths can handle nearly any residential, commercial, or auto claim you’ve got. Alamo Key & Lock offers 24 hour, 7 days a week mobile locksmith response. Fully stocked vans, friendly, professional service. And we’ve been doing it year after year since 1982. 

Emergency Locksmith Houston -The Do’s and Don’ts.

Emergency Locksmith Houston Is Provided By Alamo Lock And Key 24/7 In Houston And Metro Areas. Whether you were in a rush or just thinking about something else, you might accidentally lock yourself out. Hence not realize that you left the keys inside. When you’re locked out from your house or your car, then you’re not always in an emergency. Unless there are some other elements involved, you might just find that it’s an annoying inconvenience.

Moreover, getting locked out of your home or your car are the two most annoying things that can happen to someone. But then again, they’re also the two most common things that one finds themselves facing. If you’ve managed to lock yourself out of your home or car here are a few do’s and don’ts. Things you may want to avoid when you’re dealing with emergency locksmith Houston situation.

Don’t Start To Panic.

When you’re locked outside and there’s no other way for you to get inside don’t panic. There are many emergency locksmith houston companies that can help. You have to tell yourself that it’s a minor inconvenience or setback and it’s not the end of the world. Many people often panic and flustered in such situations. Therefore often unable to see the solution to their problems. Try your best to stay calm, think rationally and call an emergency locksmith houston.

Don’t Break Anything Down.

Until and unless you’re in a real emergency, you shouldn’t think about breaking down the lock or anything else. In some emergency situations such as, you left the stove on or a baby or pet is locked in the car. Therefore other than that breaking down a door or a car window only makes you have to pay a hefty bill to get it repaired. Often times, it’s just not feasible to go to all that trouble.

Call Emergency Locksmith Houston.

When you’re in a calm state of mind, you’ll understand that it’s always better to call an emergency locksmith Houston. We can handle the situation for you fast and professionaly. The sooner you call an emergency locksmith houston the better. Since we are be able to get to you in a matter of minutes. If it’s a simple lock, you’ll find yourself sitting on your own couch again within a few minutes. Even in a real emergency, calling an emergency locksmith Houston is the best way to deal with the scenario.

Try To See The Brighter Side Of The Situation.

When you’re locked out, try to keep calm and call emergency locksmith houston near you. Also take a survey of your home, apartment, car from the outside. Also see whether you might have left a door or window unlocked or rolled down. If there’s nothing else that you can do. Try waiting patiently, or wait at a neighbor’s or friend’s house for the emergency locksmith Houston to show up. The more optimistically you look at it, the less annoying the situation will be for you.

Either way, it’s much better to call an emergency locksmith Houston service providers like Alamo Key And Lock. Since our emergency locksmith houston will help to unlock your door as swiftly as possible.