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Alamo Key & Lock has helped Houston customers with their car keys since 1982. Car Lockouts, lost keys, duplicating car keys — our locksmiths can fix it all

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When you need emergency car locksmith services in Houston TX, our emergency locksmith can help you ready 24 hours, usually within the hour. Call 713-688-3887 to speak with a locksmith right away. There will never be hidden fees or call centers putting your call on hold. Instead, you’ll get a professional locksmiths answering your call. That way you know you’re getting expert assistance right from the start.

We understand that car lock and key issues often come at the worst possible times, usually just when you are about to get to work, or, coming home from work or night out. Our emergency car locksmiths can respond promptly. In fact, we have an unmatched track record for emergency call outs in Houston TX. Furthermore, providing value and cost competitive prices are enjoyed by our valued customers. Meaning, if you are experiencing problems with your vehicle keys or locking systems in odd hours of the night, you still get the same competitive prices we offer for all our valued customers. Call 713-688-3887 a trusted auto locksmith in Houston TX

Its no wonder that with almost 3.5 million cars on the road in Houston, there is bound to be someone who loses their keys, locks their keys in their car, or their ignition sticks and jams the key. That means, these types of issues which require a pro locksmiths are very common. Car key and lock problems happen literally daily.


There is nothing worse than having absolutely no access to your car, especially when you are about to get to work or drive the kids to school. Contact Alamo Key & Lock auto locksmiths

  • Because you lost your keys and don’t have a spare.
  • Because your key was stolen.
  • Your key is locked inside the car and you can’t get in your vehicle
  • Because the car door lock broke.

Regardless of which circumstance fits your case, not being able to drive your car is extremely frustrating. After all, cars are there to be driven.

Alamo Key & Lock was founded in 1982 and for over 35 years has been helping Houstonians with their auto lock issues. We do key extractions, key replacements, and more.


  • Family owned and operated since 1982
  • 24/7 emergency auto locksmith services. We come to you!
  • Emergency services can come to you in 15-30 minutes. If there’s traffic, 45 minutes in worst cases.
  • Licensed and insured in the State of Texas.
  • Well reviewed on Google Reviews, Yelp, and more.
  • Fully stocked vehicles that arrive at your vehicle. Precision machines that can create new keys in minutes or extract a broken key from an ignition.
  • Friendly, calming service in a stressful situation.

Pro Tip: It is imperative that you never try to access a vehicle yourself if you have no access. Not only is it going to look like you’re trying to steal a car, but you may ruin the vehicle. We’ve had many customers call us after trying to get into their vehicle using a screwdriver! The door handle, as you can imagine, is scratched. If you try to access the car then you could make the problem a whole lot worse.


The right Houston auto Locksmith Services provider can tackle any car and auto key issue. In fact, you need to realize that quite often the problem goes beyond the locks. For example, there could be problems with your ignition, alarm may not be working correctly, or your automated locks stopped working. A professional will know how to deal with every situation and can fix it getting you back on the road.

Despite all these obvious reasons, most people do not realize that the majority of problems with car locking systems can be fixed within minutes. Indeed, most problems are rather simple fix.

Take a look the below list of some auto issues that we solve daily:


We have nearly every key for whatever year, make, and model vehicle you may have. We encourage you to call us, and let us know ahead of time to ensure that we have the key for your particular car. If we don’t, we guarantee that we will get it for you.


You might have left it in the trunk or the cabin of the vehicle. Either way, unlike unprofessional Houston auto locksmiths, we guarantee that we can get inside your vehicle without causing any damage, breaking a window, or the like.


The car key can get stuck in the ignition, maybe you put the wrong key into the ignition, or the ignition is jammed for another reason.

Pro Car Locksmiths Tip: Never force a jammed key! This can only make the problem worse. If it does happen to get the key, the lock itself will suffer damages and also have a lower lifespan.


Cutting a laser key can be more difficult to find. For example, since 2002 Honda converted all of their regular metal keys and transponder keys to laser keys. In this case, professional locksmiths have to carry up-to-date equipment and procedures. They’ll need a laser key cutting machine. Not all locksmiths do that. As your auto locksmiths in Houston, Alamo Key & Lock can cut a laser key for your vehicle.


Did you lose your transponder key? Or maybe your mechanic swiped the ignition? No problem! Alamo Key & Lock has car key programming machines on our auto locksmith trucks. Because of this our auto locksmiths can handle this job in minutes, and on site.


Alamo Key & Lock provides 24/7 auto locksmith services in and around Houston. Our locksmiths are licensed, insured, and guarantee their labor and parts. Whenever they work on a vehicle, they will do so without damaging it.


Keep in mind that a professional locksmith company won’t even have to change your car locks in most circumstances. They may even not need to change them if you only lost the car keys. This is because they will be able to provide you with a key. If you are facing an emergency, then, we can fix your old locking system even if your vehicles is stranded on the side of the road 24/7

Find out more about the Automotive Houston Locksmith Services that we offer, call 713-688-3887.


Our locksmiths will be able to come and service your vehicle whenever you need them 24/7 365 days of the year. Also, you’ll always get a human on the phone – we don’t use automated phone systems to answer our valued customers phone calls. Instead, you’ll speak directly with a professional locksmith who can assist you, and get you back into your vehicle as quickly as possible. Press Here to Contact Alamo Key & Lock


  • As a real estate broker I often need a Houston locksmith to get a door of a property open to show a prospective buyer. I have worked with Alamo Key and Lock for a long time. Absentee homeowners often lose keys or tenants change locks to prevent the home form being shown. Alamo Key and Lock will always respond and get the door opened and a new key made. I also use them to change locks on foreclosures and evictions to prevent re-entry by the former occupants. I have been very satisfied with the service over the years.

    Charlotte Everson
  • They were the best and most prompt locksmiths I have experienced.

    Lly Gomez
  • I accidentally locked my car after putting my daughter in the child's seat in the back seat. It was a hot day also and I began to panic. A stranger called Alamo Key and Lock for me along with the police. I was surprised that the Houston Locksmith arrived at almost the same time as the police. The locksmith got the door opened and my daughter was fine. The policeman said if the locksmith did not come right away he would have had no choice but to break the window because seconds count. I owe a big thanks to Alamo Key and Lock for responding to my emergency so quickly.

    Catherine Vaughn
  • Thank you Alamo key &lock and Francisco for opening my car total life savers. Flat rate scam free, I before I called them I called another place that wanted my car make and model, year, color and would give me a rate once they got there. I recommend them took less than minute to open it.

    Cindy Marron
  • I am SO impressed with Ron and his Team (Uve and Francisco) at Alamo Key & Lock! We needed six areas at the hospital secured, and they promptly installed the keypad locks and came up with a great price for us. Thank you! And the technicians were professional, friendly and always smiling. Bravo! We will definitely call on you again

    Sean H
  • Francisco was quick and opened my lock professionally. 10/10

    Scott Girdwood
  • I locked my keys inside my car. I called Alamo Key & Lock, and they sent a technician out promptly (arrived in about 20 minutes). Their tech, Jonathan, was courteous, skilled, and quick. They charge a fair price.

    Peter Vu
  • When I was locked out of my car after work I found Alamo Key and Lock on Google and called them. The Houston locksmith showed up in fifteen minutes and opened my door. The price was very reasonable but enough to make me more careful in the future. Very good service.

    Chad Smith
  • I locked my keys in my car with my dog in the vehicle… Alamo locksmith got there super fast. He even called other locksmiths nearby to see if they could get there faster. WOW. Thank you so much, Ron!

    Julia Teekell McCoy
  • Alamo is the best! Francisco arrived earlier than the quoted time and was courteous and helpful. It was a raimt day so that was awesome. Highly recommend!!!

    Marcus Allen
  • Very nice and professional young man came out. I completely gave up after two tow truck drivers came to try and get my keys out before him, but he was persistent and tried every which way possible. He could've easily said it would be more to make a key, but he tried and tried until he got it open. I am very grateful because not only did I not have to make a key, but he got my keys out really quick. Thank you guys!!!

    Lilly Vazquez
  • Francisco lock personnel was OUTSTANDING...lock was SUPER DIFFICULT OPENING...AND FRANCISCO NEVER QUIT AND NEVER GAVE UP...I had already givung up HOPE AND BOUT TO BREAK WINDOW AND GET IN...But Francusco never QUIT and Finally got lock open....THANG THE LORD

    Malik Lyle
  • Within 2 weeks, I’ve locked my keys in the car twice. Francisco came both times and was very understanding. I felt so embarrassed that this happened to me again. Thank you Alamo for having great customer service!!

    Elizabeth Rivera
  • Ron is absolutely amazing. Alamo key and lock will always service my business and personal locksmith needs. The service is always prompt and the work is done effectively and efficiently Do yourself a them ?

  • Very good service When I been on vacation I locked my keys in the car Ron answer the phone & say he will be there 10-15 min He comes in 12 min very fast service & also affordable price Very recommended!!!

  • Fantastic service and quality of work. Ron and his crew are not only professional, they are good people as well. I’ve used Alamo at work and home. After some not-so-successful attempts at finding a locksmith, I’m glad I found these guys!

    A.G. Stockstill
  • Ron was very nice. They arrived very quick and they are affordable. I will definitely use them when I have an emergency.

    Jasmine Brown
  • Excellent service was very prompt and ready to unlock. Great customer service and caring of vehicle damage. Will recommend to anyone

    Derrick Harris
  • They showed up quickly, and got the job done right! I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.
    Kristyn Morrow
  • Fast, friendly, on-time service. And he did a good job.
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  • They are really wonderful. Everyone should call for their service asap. I have never met people like this before in my life. I appreciate your kind gesture.

    Sabina Takyi
  • Awesome service was at my location under 5 min. With quick service. Definitely will use this company again when locking my keys in the car...

    Rachel Valentine
  • alamo key and lock saved my day ! super fast and affordable service thank you ron
    Helen Johnson
  • Alamo Key & Lock rekeyed my front door. I called and they were able to came the same evening. We did have problems with the new lock. I called Alamo and they came back out and repaired it. Now the lock is working perfectly! Thank you Francisco for the great follow through.

    B W
  • Great service! My door handle lock broke and I was unable to turn the handle. They sent a technician right away and he was very helpful and professional.

    Alyce Payne
  • It's happened to us all. Keys locked in the car.. Prompt service with excellent customer service. Call these guys if you're ever in a bind!

    Caroline Carrillo
  • Ron was easy to access, very responsive, and prompt. He was even able to come out during the weekend and was very reasonably priced. I also appreciated how patient and insightful Ron was about discussing my home lock/security needs.

    Sangeeta Ballal
  • He was great and service was excellent
    channie jourdon
  • Jonathan came to do my car door unlock with in mins after my call.he didn’t take even 5 min to unlock my car door.this best service and recommended to every one
    Srinivasarao Bolineni
  • Fast great and reliable service. Quick pay process as well. Highly recommend Ron!

    Andrew Czobor
  • Arrived promptly, great service and awesome price!
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  • Ron for Alamo locksmith responded fast didn't have to wait ....fixed within 20min best locksmith service in Houston by far I highly recommend to anybody

    Dusty Mcdonald
  • Super fast Ron was great Quick and handy An all around great guy And an awesome tech.

    Tariesha Lee
  • Very friendly, reasonable price and great service.
    Brenden Slack
  • Thank you! Fast, easy and fair price.

    Mario 12
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    Kendra W
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    Jermarian Green
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    Millicent Dallas
  • Customer service was excellent, very friendly, fast service

    Lee Polk
  • I loved it! Got my keys! The guy was hot too lol! Bouns! ? Thanx!
    Katrina Howard
  • Very fast n great service from Ron ?

    Rosa M
  • He was prompt and hard worker, made me some keys. Thanks

    Heidi Coody
  • COOL dude he was fast and kept me updated threw the whole thing and great prices

    Nick Pariah
  • Quick, friendly service from Ron this morning! Thank you Alamo Key & Lock!

    Michelle Robinson
  • Great service! My door handle lock broke and I was unable to turn the handle. They sent a technician right away and he was very helpful and professional.

    Alyce Payne
  • Ron was Very quick , and great communication!
    SaBreah Gibbs
  • Ron is absolutely amazing. Alamo key and lock will always service my business and personal locksmith needs. The service is always prompt and the work is done effectively and efficiently Do yourself a them ?

  • On time and quick service! The price I was quoted was the price I paid

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  • Ron for Alamo locksmith responded fast didn't have to wait ....fixed within 20min best locksmith service in Houston by far I highly recommend to anybody

    Dusty Mcdonald
  • My husband lost a car key to a Nissan Altima I called Alamo long story short they couldn't fix it unfortunately but, I receive FULL refund. Thank You Alamo!

    Sarahi Rodríguez
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    Melaney Herron
  • Fast service

    Martin Mora
  • I’m a truck driver from N.C locked my keys inside my 18 wheeler, i called alamo key and lock and ron showed up really fast and save my day! My hero 🙂 thank you so much!

    Yusniel Corredera Rodríguez
  • Did an excellent job replacing an old lock with a new schlage connect

    Rodrigo Landivar
  • I had my house re-keyed and the job was incredibly well done. He was out to the house same day and his prices were the best I could find in town!

    Collin Schulte
  • I highly recommend Alamo. Very fast locksmith service. Showed up immediately

    Leo Tolentino
  • Ron was very helpful! He arrived quickly and changed the locks without a problem!

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  • Ron was great! I called them to change a lock for my business. Ron came within an hour and was very efficient and professional. Thank you for the excellent service! I will definitely be a returning customer 🙂

    Alina Skylar

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