Car Key Programming

We provide all types of auto and car key programming.  Including transponder keys, smart keys, Fobik, and more!  Call us today!

Transponder Key Programming Service For All Types And Models

Professional locksmiths are experienced with skills to reprogram a transponder key, only in rare cases due to dealer restrictions a transponder may not be programmed. Calling our expert locksmiths means that you’ll get a professional locksmith who is equipped with the necessary locksmithing tools to program your transponder key.
car key programming

Auto Key Programming

The process of car key programming can be difficult and expensive to do on your own, this is because most vehicles require expensive tools and knowledge on how to perform this without breaking your car’s computer. If you are unsure who to call to program you a new car key even if it isn’t us you should make sure they are licensed, insured, and bonded at a minimum!

There are many different ways to program a car key. There are onboard and offboard methods. Some cars are programmed using an onboard procedure or with a programming device connected to the OBD2 port. These methods are safe, but more advanced ones can take longer to perform. If you’re not sure how to program a key for your vehicle, you should find a locksmith with experience in the field. 

In order to program a car key, you will need to know about the vehicle’s security system. It’s also best to hire an expert to prevent your data from being corrupted. Some cars have onboard programming, but if you’re not sure, and don’t want to risk damaging your vehicle give us a call!

When your car key has become unprogrammed, it can cause the car to not start, get stuck in neutral, or even cause you to get locked out. You can easily fix this problem by reprogramming the key but if the key has been damaged by getting wet or dropping it, then you may need a new key programmed to your vehicle. 

Purchasing an automatic auto key programming machine is a good idea if you are working in a shop and don’t have the necessary tools but as a vehicle owner dropping several thousand on a good programmer typically isn’t worth the investment. There are many types of auto key programming tools, but a few of the most popular include Autel’s IM608 Immobilizer Scan Tool and Launch Tech’s X-Prog3 Immobilizer Programmer. Another option is XToolUSA’s Key Making System. This kit includes a Nitro bidirectional scan tool, a triton key cutting machine, and Nitrous Keys.

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