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Looking for a local Dickinson Locksmith? With over 35 years of experience serving our community locksmith needs. Our work is 100% guaranteed, and all of our locksmiths are licensed, trusted, and professional. Whether you require an emergency locksmith to be at your home, business, or near your vehicle, we’ll get there fast.

Picking The Best Locksmith In Dickinson

Too often do people hire the services of locksmiths without doing their homework. This is not recommended for anyone looking for home security assistance.

You can’t just let anyone into your home. If you are too busy to do your own research, then wait until you have time. Your family’s safety is far too valuable and precious to compromise. As a result, a good commercial Dickinson Locksmith will be able to fix anything from panic bars to door locks. Apartment landlords hire our locksmith professionals whenever they need multiple units serviced.

Crime rates are always on the rise in recent years. Every day, it seems like there is a report of a protest or riot. We need to make sure we protect ourselves. For some, that means getting a gun. For others, a dog. But for a high percentage of Americans, it means fortifying their home with high-security locks, surveillance equipment, and other safety precautions. That can only be done by a respected Dickinson Locksmith veteran like the ones that we employ.

Commercial Locksmith

From panic bars, rekeys, lockouts, and access control, give us a call today!

Automotive Locksmith

We offer all types of car lockout services including trucks, vans, SUVs,  and more!

Residential Locksmith Services

House lockouts, rekeys, lock changes, and or smart lock installation we have some of the best residential locksmiths.
Dickinson TX

About Dickinson, Texas

Located near League City, Dickinson is often overlooked as it lies between Houston on the west and Galveston on the east. With a population of about 11,000, the city has a small-town feel with great shops and family-oriented culture. If you’re thinking of relocating to Dickinson, you’ve made a good decision.

Dickinson home prices are low, yet the property value is on the rise. But remember – whenever relocating to a new home, be sure to change the locks! Why? Because construction crew members, realtors, and others still have the old copy.

There is only one kind of Dickinson Locksmith service you should seek: a trusted, experienced and licensed locksmith. Alamo Key & Lock began over 35 years ago and serves homes and businesses throughout Houston and Galveston. Our local Dickinson Locksmith has a fully-stocked locksmith truck and can come to your aid within the hour.

Whether you need a Dickinson locksmith that can cut, program, car keys, or one who can replace your locks on your home, business, vehicle.  Then you should give us a call, because here at Alamo Key And Lock, we don’t just have the experience, we have the customer service, and truly care!

Dickinson Locksmiths Are Required To Be Licensed

Credentials are an important part of hiring a locksmith. Failure to review a locksmith’s credentials could result in some shoddy work. One of the best ways to check on a locksmith professional’s credentials is to do your part to see if they’re licensed.

A good way to do this is simply to ask. Note the reaction they give you. If they act offended, then you know you don’t need to do business with them. Any Dickinson Locksmith expert worth their salt will have no problem showing you their credentials. In fact, the best locksmiths will show you their identification before you ask them to do so.

It’s easy to hire a locksmith that claims they can install any lock. But you should be careful. There are many locksmiths that make promises they can’t keep. High security custom locks are very difficult to install for untrained locksmiths. That’s why their locksmith services cost too much. Alamo Key & Lock in Dickinson, TX on the other hand offers great service with competitive rates and we will beat any genuine quote for high security lock installation.

Your Dickinson, Texas Locksmith Provider!

Commercial Locksmith In Dickenson TX

Our commercial locksmiths in Dickinson can install and repair panic bars, exit devices, surveillance equipment, access control systems, and master key systems. Did your business get burgled? Our locksmiths know how awful that experience is. We can clean up the mess and recommend safety features to protect your business so that a break-in never happens again.

Safe Repair, Replace & Unlock Service

Our Dickinson Locksmiths can install wall and floor safes in businesses and homes in Dickinson. They can also crack any safe that you might have lost the combination to. Importantly, our Dickinson locksmith will only open a safe if you have proof that it is yours. Otherwise, our locksmith will not open it.

Residential Locksmith Services

Do you need a key replaced or the door lock changed out? Our Dickinson Locksmith can do all of that. However, if your key says Do Not Duplicate, our locksmith cannot make a copy of the key unless you provide proof of ownership. How do you show ownership of a key that says “Do Not Duplicate”? You must contact the merchant and provide a bill of sale, or some other kind of proof of ownership document.

Also, if your door locks are stiff and the handle won’t turn, you may need the lock replaced. However, rekeying a door lock in Dickinson is much cheaper than replacing the whole door lock. Talk to our local Dickinson Locksmith about the best option for your property. Call 713-688-3887 to speak directly with your locksmith

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