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Since Alamo Key & Lock has worked in and around Houston for so many years, we’ve come to know and love many places in this Southern Texas region. Texas City is a prime example. For those who don’t know, who might consider moving here, Texas City is in Galveston Bay and is a major port in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, the city’s founding is a rather funny, enlightening tale. Three duck hunters in the late 1800s visited the area because they heard it was good for shooting ducks. In fact, they discovered a shoal that they knew would be perfect for a large port. So they went back home, convinced investors to come onto their venture, and founded a whole new city.

Today, one of our favorite events on the calendar of Texas City is the annual Kite Festival!

If you’re thinking of relocating to Texas City, keep in mind that every shoreline home receives gusts of salty wind. Although wonderful weather to live in, it’s not so good for door locks over time. Be sure to change out your door locks on your new home to prevent the previous owners and others from getting inside! As a Texas City Locksmith, Alamo Key & Lock proudly offers door lock and key services, including rekeying door locks, for all Texas City residents.

Plus, Alamo Key & Lock offers 20% off to all senior citizens and veterans!

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From panic bars, rekeys, lockouts, and access control, give us a call today!

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We offer all types of car lockout services including trucks, vans, SUVs,  and more!

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House lockouts, rekeys, lock changes, and or smart lock installation we have some of the best residential locksmiths.
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What Locksmith To Trust

The best locksmith professionals are the ones that freely offer their credentials and history. So make sure you know your locksmith’s license plates. Plus, they should never drill a lock at once to try to open it. Instead, they should use lock picking or bump as a way to open it, so as not to damage the lock. You will want to look for companies with brick-and-mortar locations and a location on Google Maps. That’s us! We know moving can be difficult. You have to call around and get the best rates and research online.

If you want to avoid this all you have to do is put your trust in us. We have our own brick-and-mortar place. We have our own website. Consequently, we have our own company vans with our information on the front. We have nothing to hide and everything to share. In case you’re looking to move, it’s smart to call a Texas City Locksmith. Most people think of moving companies and utility companies when they are going to relocate. Not everyone thinks of locksmiths. As a result, people risk leaving their homes vulnerable to break-ins. Home invasions happen a lot when people move into new houses without changing the locks.

Hire An Emergency Services Locksmith

Alamo Key & Lock is an emergency Texas City Locksmith. Are you locked out of your home? Did you lose your keys or did they get stolen and you need to get back into your car? For homes, businesses, and automobiles, Alamo Key & Lock can help you. Call 713-688-3887

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