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We offer keyless remote repair services including key fobs, smart keys, flip keys, and more!  All of our locksmiths are fully licensed, insured, and experienced with over 35+ years of experience!

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Alamo Key and Lock provides top-quality Keyless Remote services in Houston and Surrounding areas. Sometimes Our expert Car Door Keyless Remote experts have the knowledge and experience to create a new key. Our experienced staff is highly trained to handle many Keyless Remote services for many types of vehicles.

If customers search for the right Automotive Houston Locksmith Services then they will help you. They will be able to come and look at your vehicle whenever you need them. Night or day, rain, sleet or shine. Somebody will be there to assist you and get you back into that vehicle as quickly as they can. Professional locksmiths will be able to deal with the problem in minutes most of the time.

keyless remote repair service

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Getting into a car that has damaged locks or missing keys is quite a large task. It gets more difficult every single year as locking technology gets better. The right Automotive Houston Keyless Remote Services provider will be able to tackle the job.

If you wish to find out more about the Keyless Remote Houston Locksmith Services that we offer, call us. It is our intention to help you get back into your vehicle in the quickest and safest possible manner.


Alamo Key and Lock Keyless Remote Locksmiths in Houston TX are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured to make sure we provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service when it comes to your Keyless Remote Locksmith needs.

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A keyless remote repair can be a very easy process if you understand what to do and the parts that make up the unit. A keyless remote is a green, circuit board that controls the car’s locks and more. Without the case and rubber button pad, it will not function. You can replace this part with a new shell or internal components. You will need a good battery that’s attached solidly to the circuit board.

The battery clip is a fairly easy part to replace. Many remotes use a black box part called the shell. You can usually find one of these parts by taking an old remote apart. If you can’t locate this part, you can contact our repair facility we have replacement shells and parts in stock.

Changing the battery is the easiest keyless remote repair. The battery can be replaced fairly easily but we have had customers complain that after they tried to change it themselves it became unprogrammed. You should carefully remove the plastic covering to avoid damaging the remote’s circuit board. In some cases, the button can be damaged, and you can get it replaced. If you can’t locate a new battery, or you use the wrong batter the key fob will become unoperable.

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