Keyless Entry Systems

Looking at Keyless Entry Systems? 

There are many reasons why you would want to switch to better solutions, Let’s consider:

  • Sick and tired of carrying around a huge set of keys?
  • Growing your business and have too many employees to give keys to?
  • Need more access control over who enters and exits your facility?
  • Have an AirBnB or another guest-rental business and don’t want to give out keys to guests?

Keyless entry systems may be the answer for any one of these business needs. Although they aren’t one-size-fits-all, a custom keyless entry can address most complaints business owners have about keyed systems. Namely, that keyed-systems lack flexibility and control, break, high security protection, and aren’t up to the high-tech standards customers, guests, and businesses expect nowadays.

Plus, the City of Houston insists on locks to reduce commercial break-ins.

Alamo Key & Lock provides trusted Keyless Entry locksmith services in Houston and Surrounding areas.

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Keyless entry systems

What Are They?

Keyless entry systems are devices that control people’s access to rooms and buildings without using keys. There are many kinds of keyless systems. These range from high-tech fingerprint scanners to low-tech battery-operated outdoor keypads. Many commercial facilities have building codes around the use of keyless entry systems.

For this reason, be sure to consult with the Alamo Key & Lock locksmith about your needs.


Keyless entry systems offer many high-tech advantages to keyed-entry systems.

Obviously, without keys, there’s no need to replace, change, rekey, or cut keys. Nor any of those other locksmithing hassles that could befall employers. Keyless entry systems can store data. And they can give you the power to choose who enters a locked area when, and last an extremely long time.

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