Access control systems (ACS) are favored by many homeowners and small business communities here in Houston TX, particularly for the increased level of protection they offer when compared with standardized locks.

Deciding on which access control system to buy and install, requires certain considerations to be made beforehand because access control systems come in many different types and flavors. That means some may work greatly whereas others may not do the intended job.

The Kinds Of Access Control Systems

There are three main types of access control systems to be chosen from, and they each have their pros and cons. Depending on the requirements of your Houston home, business, or any personal concerns you may have (such as needing extra personalized security), so thus you should choose accordingly.

Discretionary Access Control System

These types of ACS are popular for a variety of reasons but are essentially one-manned controls, which means that the entirety of the security settings is determined by the owner.
This also leaves the system vulnerable to malware or hacker attempts to gain access as it offers fewer security settings than other access control systems out there available on the market. However, at this stage, much will still depend on your investment budget for security, doors, and type of locks

While the system itself may have multiple users, all settings return to the main user (or end-user) for confirmation which makes it troublesome in the sense that this often causes a time lag between permissions and entry. Furthermore, since the same details infiltrate all related programs, it can be easier for outside parties to crack the code and gain access. However, for beginner-level security, it works very well and is less complicated and less expensive to install and set up.

Role-Based Access Control System

These particular ones are widely used by the Houston business community, and also liked for business purposes due to the higher degree of efficient settings they possess. This type of system works by giving permission to alter settings for certain job titles and designations. This means that if an employee leaves, simply the one to take his or her place will now have access to the system with the former employee no longer having access.

Using role-based access control systems also lessens the strain on management as it almost automatically gives access to trusted members or those who possess certain job titles within the business without regard to specific individuals. This system also allows for multiple forms of access, many of which can be adjusted by the business owner or homeowner should you require one setup for your home.

Mandatory Access Control Systems

This type of ACS system focuses on data security at the highest level possible, which is why it is preferred by businesses of every size as it prevents hacking and leaking of sensitive data to competitors. The mandatory access control system creates levels of security and designates access to those different levels. For example, someone at level one will only have access to a small amount of data, and someone at a higher access level will have access to more sensitive data.

Guidelines can also be established by the system owner or end-user so they can increase or decrease security to any level they want. And this makes this system particularly long-lasting as it does not require updates as the years go by.

Is Higher Level Security Better?

Perhaps this is an uninformed question because whether you operate a business in Houston or own a house, higher-level security is always welcomed in modern times, especially when the crime rates are going higher around Texas.

Think of the size of your business and the property you want to better protect while considering these 3 simple points regarding access control systems:

  1. The trustworthiness of your employees (in the case of business operations)
  2. Your requirements such as to protect stock or to protect data
  3. Or simply protect against overall access to the building

While any access control system will ideally provide all three, each of the above-mentioned systems has an area in which they perform better compared to others.

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