Kevo smart lock works with iPhone and comes with an electronic key. The Kevo By Kwikset lock is not only the most reliable device currently on the market, it’s also designed to work in unison with iPhone. The Kevo lock is almost a robot. It’s almost sentient. That’s how smart of a lock this is. That’s how well-designed this device is.

Want to see it in action? Contact a Houston locksmith professional to install this gadget. It even comes with an electronic key that cannot be copied. Here you have one of the most advanced, technologically attuned devices in the lock and key industry.

Unfortunately, many Houstonians who hired unqualified and unprofessional locksmiths are left with locks that don’t snap shut, or that it is loose and doesn’t work. We know this because many of our valued customers in Houston initially call us with these types of locksmithing problems previous locksmiths left them to deal with.

At Alamo Key & Lock, your trusted locksmith technicians are professionals who never to leave a site without testing to make sure their work is of the highest quality.

The best part about the Kevo by Kwikset lock is that you can disable them as you please. The smart lock design was made in such a way that you can stay updated as to who uses your electronic key. Basically, you’ll never be left in the dark with this device. You’ll always know what’s going on.


This particular lock is known as a very difficult lock to install. You can probably find this lock in any major store in the US, but it’s probably smarter to purchase one from a local Houston locksmith store. The reason is that if you do that, you’ll have a licensed locksmith install it for you. Because of its complexity installing this device by yourself could be problematic. But if you do hire other locksmiths in Houston to install this device, then make sure you don’t let the technician leave without thoroughly testing it first.

We know it’s not very easy to handle or install these types of locks. Even the instruction manual might begin to look like it’s written in Sanskrit, we encourage you to simply call 713-688-3887 our locksmith professionals, and we’ll make sure to get it installed the right way. There is absolutely no doubt that security is a top priority when selecting entryway locks for our homes, emulated by expense, style, and completion.

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