Biometric lock systems have in recent years gathered a lot of support due to their efficiency as well as the general difficulty they pose to robbers and hackers.

They have been considered perfect especially for business purposes although homeowners in many cases do consider a biometric system as a very useful investment because Biometric lock systems cannot be fooled as they are tamper-proof.

There are a few different ways it works well for businesses of every size and industry, which is why it is more expensive than standard access control systems which only use fobs, cards or ID scanners. For this reason, alone biometric locks guarantee a greater level of security and greater immunity from hackers of every skill set.

Biometric Systems In A Nutshell

Biometric systems are predominately operated and grant access by using biological information. This biological information may be thumbprint, hand scan, iris detection, facial recognition, or even voice scanning. The exact features depend on the make and model and your professional Houston locksmith can guide you about which will work best for your building and for your specific requirements.

The Workings Of The Biometric System

A biometric access control system records biological data given to it. This is done using scanners, and when the information is stored it is rock solid and cannot be hacked into. The system is able to maintain a multitude of files which is why buildings with hundreds of employees use biometric systems with ease.

With new employees, the fingerprints or other chosen recognition features are scanned and entered into the database for entrance. The same procedure is performed in reverse for removal if an employee chooses to leave the job and or is replaced by another. For certain areas such as certain rooms, management can decide if dual recognition (such as fingerprint and iris detection) may be suitable, and in such cases, every other employee entered in a standard way will not have access to highly guarded areas of the premises.

Benefiting From Using Biometric Entry Systems

Your local Houstonian locksmith can direct you to the type of biometric system that is right for you, but all in all, biometric systems are now considered to be much superior to traditional locking and security mechanisms.

With general access control systems that are governed by keys, cards, codes, or pin numbers, there is always the risk of a data or intelligence leak if someone shares entry codes or is careless with them, in which case sensitive entrance process options can fall in the hands of malicious parties.

Also, although heavy-duty locks are a good choice, if a persistent thieve wants to gain entry, it’s possible even if you have heavy duty locks installed. With many pin code access control systems there is specific wear and tear on the dial pad which can reveal the code to professional thieves, especially robbers who have specific tools to gain entry.

On the other hand, using biometric systems, wrongful entry is near impossible since it is very unlikely someone can have a convincing copy of biological data. In general, tampering attempts and copies are caught immediately in the scanners, and thus entry is refused. Since the lock is digital, using heavy machinery or drilling tools also does not work as it may with typical physical locks or safes.

Scope Of Usage

Biometric systems for security purposes are being used in a variety of sectors and industries and have been successful in their application everywhere they are used. The industries that make the most out of them are health care, public sector, warehouses, small to medium businesses, and law enforcement buildings.

Furthermore, these systems not only provide a higher level of security, they also improve productivity tracking as they eliminate administration tasks needed for manual log systems saving you time and improving attendance.

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