It’s another day, another morning, you are ready off to work. You kiss your wife and kids and wish them a great day. Ohh no, it’s the morning traffic on our busy Texas state highways, again. We always think in the back of our minds “what in the world our local government is doing to upgrade these roads?” it surely isn’t capable to handle all the cars any longer in 2019, even the Beltway 8 is not good enough any longer in peak hours. But we all soldier on, and get to our work for another day.

But did you know that today, another fellow business owner in Houston Texas had their shop, or workplace is broken into? Unfortunate? Yes, absolutely. But that’s exactly what they walked into today. Because burglary happens in Houston TX.

Our team here Alamo Key & Lock commercial locksmiths in Houston TX encounter such unfortunate events when serving our local community for their commercial locksmith requirements. Honestly, we rather service your commercial property now so that you and your business are better protected in terms of security and you continue trading without any interruptions.

Security is a pressing concern for all types of Houston businesses (small and large), since costly materials, cash and expensive merchandise can be hard to replace, and for some, may even destroy the business entirely. Good locksmith companies in Houston can provide a comprehensive package to deal with your business security needs depending on the premises you are located at. So let’s first look at:

What May Need Protecting?

Firstly, much depends on the type of business, however, for example, sake, while insurance may cover many items; computers, tools, equipment, documents, safes, and other priceless items for the successful day-to-day operation of a Texan business. There may be other factors to consider because some businesses are answerable to stakeholders.

Why Choose An Experienced Commercial Locksmiths In Houston TX?

Locksmiths who specialize in security, locks, doors (and their safety standards) of a commercial business and private enterprise are called commercial locksmiths. These specialized locksmiths have training and knowledge about the locks, doors, and security systems that best suit the needs of a business, warehouse, or organization. You will find that regular locksmiths in TX, especially inexperienced ones will not be able to provide adequate solutions in regards to securing a commercially trading premise.

Commercial locksmiths also help if there is tampering with security procedures or a break-in. Part of their job is to analyze, advise, install, and update systems and suggest ways to counter any security breach. For example, all businesses have to reinstall locks if they don’t want an ex-employee who left his/her position on bad terms. Even if the person in question won’t break-in, it’s better to consider changing locks and keys in such situations, just in case. You’ll also sleep better.

Investing In Vaults Or Safes For Your Houston Business

Vaults and safes especially if expertly fitted can be a great fool-proof way to protect important items such as business documents that may be of interest to your competitors. Safes are also a great option for storing cash and other important valuables which cannot be trusted to conventional locks.

Safes can be stored inside walls and even on the floor, minimizing the risk of being seen, or lost even in the case of a robbery. Commercial locksmiths can acquaint you with newer, more secure models of vaults and you can choose according to your specific business requirements and budget.


Just about any good crime movie shows, deadbolt locks are notoriously difficult to crack. Deadbolts are a great way to enhance commercial security for a number of situations but are mostly used by those concerned with their personal safety at home or at the office.

The mechanism of the deadbolt is such that it stays put even if the outside lock has been picked. Deadbolts are extremely useful for offices because most robbers are reluctant to spend too much time on breaking locks and there is always the chance they will unwittingly sound an alarm. In the time that it takes to dismantle a deadbolt they could very easily be arrested which is why it acts as a major deterrent.

Maintenance By A Licensed Commercial Locksmith In Texas

Highly experienced and professional commercial locksmiths can come in handy for changing the locks, revamping your security systems, and being on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies and special circumstances. They also provide services such as access control and master key system installations. Furthermore, regular maintenance and security audits are a great way to have peace of mind when you are operating a business in Houston Texas.

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