As you may have seen on the news throughout many states in the US, there have been many protests. And also, the unfortunate pandemic gripping our country. It surely is challenging time to say the least, and our hearts go out to all who are touched by Covid-19

Serving our local community offering professional commercial locksmith services in Houston, we are fully aware of the effects that have been caused. Many businesses in the USA have suffered in the wake of this pandemic. But security is still as prudent a need as ever even if some businesses, warehouses, and offices are closed or partially closed. Houston Locksmiths can provide you with expert advice on how to reduce costs and still maintain a high level of security in your commercial property to protect your belongings from burglars and people that might be looking for security loopholes to take advantage of these challenging times.

It is vital to note that if your business premises (or warehouse) is not operational and staff and employees are laid off to the bare minimum, you may actually be in danger of trespassers or burglars wanting to invade your property. A good security audit to decide whether existing security measures are adequate is essential even if your business is situated in an area where trespassing or burglary is not common.

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Consider the systems you currently have in place whether they are conventional locks, safes, access control systems, surveillance cameras, or smart alarm systems. If you have hired a security company and they installed their own alarm systems, you may want to contact them to see if their response time and scale of operations are still fully operational (because they themselves may have reduced staff).

Furthermore, simply installing a smart system does not mean the business property including the warehouse is safe. The mechanism has to be tested against a wide variety of situations not to mention the maintenance of parts against damp, heat, or voltage fluctuations. This security check will help you determine which areas of the warehouse or potential business entryways need more attention. Are the locks adequate and in good condition? Alamo Key & Lock locksmiths can take this professionally for your business.

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Divide And Save If You Own A Warehouse

Warehouse organization is a big part of keeping your valuables, stock, and documents safe. More valuable items should be kept in special designated restricted rooms, lockers, or professionally installed safes, well out of view of prying eyes. Structural considerations such as hiding safes inside walls or floors are often times very effective in preventing large-scale theft.

If you are operating on a tight budget, it might be sensible to concentrate locks and other security-related expenditures only around the most vulnerable areas or where the most valuable items are stored. Keeping such stock away from doors and windows is also helpful not just for preventing water or sun damage but also restricting easy access to a potential burglar. Are there windows within 40 inches of the locks?

Securing windows is usually a forgotten aspect of commercial property security. Especially least used windows such as ceiling or basement ones are very important as burglars are adept at finding these forgotten entryways and taking advantage of them to slide in. If in doubt you can also have areas like large windows temporarily sealed especially if the warehouse is going to be out of use for a while (at least till the pandemic is dealt with).

Stronger Locks & Master Key Systems

In terms of metals used when manufacturing locks, there are plenty of choices. That means, not all locks are created equal. Some break easily, some break easily with certain tools. And some are darn hard to crack. Considering the locking systems on your commercial property is a great idea because upgrading locks are the least expensive option for improving the security of any business.

A master-keying system on the other hand can provide overall security. These types of systems allow only you the entry key and as long as there are no copies, no one else can gain access to the location you want to better protect. This is particularly useful if you do not have staff working that needs frequent access to the business premise office or warehouse. There are many many different ways to control access to a building, as a result, it’s best to get professional advice from licensed locksmiths. We are always ready to answer all your lock, key, and security questions.

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