Unfortunately, the land of dreams (USA) becomes a land of a nightmare due to the burglary our fellow citizens face each day in Houston Texas. Crime Statistics in Texas have drastically risen over the past years. That is why the security at home whether for oneself, your Houston business, or for stored valuables is a concern that is important for just about everyone. Both deadbolts and smart locks offer an additional layer of security that normal typical locks do not, and this is why they are an investment that’s worthwhile considering. When it comes to security locks, different models are priced differently, this is why your local Houston locksmiths can help you choose the right type of lock according to your wants and budget.

The Basic Appeal Of Smart Locks

Smart locks have become highly sought after since they can be operated at the touch of a button and also in the absence of a homeowner. With smart locks, you no longer need a conventional key which is why the fear of losing them also becomes nonexistent. All you need is your smartphone and an identification protocol and you are good to go.

Since smart locks are operated through mobile and tablet apps, you can unlock your house / or / business premise even if you are not present but need to have packages delivered before locking them up again. With this kind of system, the only thing to bear in mind is to not lose your smartphone as then it would be an inconvenient matter to call a locksmith and have them disable the security procedure in order to gain access.

Using Deadbolts

Apart from smart locks, deadbolts are also an excellent investment for all your major entryways in your house. They are infamous for being hard to crack even for experienced burglars, as a result, deadbolts prove to be a considerable deterrent for would-be thieves, especially when combined with CCTV security cameras and other home or business security measures.

Deadbolts are mostly made with durable tough steel and are hard to drill into (and also damage) which is why you should be very careful about losing the keys to one. A metal striking plate put into the door jamb and latch protector means that a typical ‘picking the lock’ method will not work. Burglars are often wary of Houston homes with deadbolts installed as this means considerably more time required to gain entry, as a result, the risk of getting caught goes up for the thieve.

Deadbolts are also immune to a burglar using tools such as a crowbar or hammer to break into the lock, a break-in method that would work rather well on a standard pin and tumbler lock types.

Smart Locks Get Acquainted With The House

smartlock on a grey house door

Smart locks are a bit like artificial intelligence in that they can map their surroundings and also know when to alert and update you about potential intruders. Since smart locks are activated by pin or thumbprint and sometimes voice activation, they are near impossible to break into without setting off an alarm.

With smart locks, you do not have to worry about how your friends and family members will gain access as you can share the pin codes with them or unlock your door at the predetermined time even from far away location.

Smart locks are also great for people that routinely suffer from threats or are in a profession where an extra layer of security is needed.

Consult With Professional Houston Locksmith

It is hard to navigate the world of locks, deadbolts, and smart lock models. A good locksmith in the Houston area can be consulted for this purpose as it is part of their job to install all types of new models of locks, and we do have a lot of knowledge about the level of effectiveness of each of them. Alamo Key & Lock is located at 5415 Pinemont Drive Houston, TX USA 77092 offers professional locksmith services throughout Houston TX. We can provide you free of charge advice when you call 713-688-3887 or come to service you for all types of emergencies 24 hours 7 days.

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