Houston is a city in the state of Texas United States which offers interesting elements that are unique to Houston. For example, most Americans do not realize that it is the fourth largest city in the USA. It is also a well-known space center in the world. In fact, almost everyone around the world knows this:

“Houston, we have a problem” is a popular but erroneous quotation from the radio communications between the Apollo 13 astronaut John (“Jack”) Swigert and the NASA Mission Control Center (“Houston”) during the Apollo 13 spaceflight.

As you know it’s wiser to get to know the particularities of a place before visiting or moving there. Here are 15 fun facts you should know about Houston TX.

  1. It is unnecessary to call it by its full name. You can just say H-town just as said by the young ones.
  2. More and more buildings are being built and the job market is growing. As a consequence, the population has increased exponentially offering great opportunities for anyone who wants to build a future here.
  3. Thanks to the growth of population, low cost of living (compared to other popular cities in the US), and the great family-oriented things to do. As a consequence, demographics are changing as the median age of the population is around 30 to 35 years old. Making Houston a perfect location to raise a family.
  4. One of the city’s great challenges is the traffic. What could help a little is to live as close to your workplace as possible.
  5. As said above, it is affordable to live in Houston. This advantage allows all the traffic challenges worthwhile to put up with.
  6. Arts is celebrated greatly in Houston as you can find it almost everywhere and expressed in different forms from street art, fine art to contemporary works. Art lovers’ dream is Houston.
  7. Museums are yet another amazing characteristic of Houston. You’ll find nearly 20 of them. They are well appreciated by families as they can educate and also entertain children as well as adults alike.
  8. When it comes to asking “how’s the weather” then, Houston will either make you love or hate its climate. At times, be prepared for hot summer days and nights as you’ll need air conditioning just to survive here. However, the awesome part is that you can be in your shorts and t-shirt while enjoying the view from your balcony even in January when the rest of the country is experiencing unbearable cold weather.
  9. Storms happen often and the weather changes quite fast. Within minutes the weather can move from shiny to stormy. As a consequence, flood is something Houstonians experience especially in neighborhoods like Cypress North, Bellaire, and Eastex-Jensen
  10. Food? Taste is something you will taste in abundance here in Houston as there are over 11,000 restaurants where you can enjoy delicious meals from almost all nations in just one city. Perhaps we Houstonians go to the gym more often as we want to keep appreciating the diverse food this beautiful city offers.
  11. If in New York City only 10% of residents own cars, in Houston on the contrary, it is 90% of residents. No wonder traffic jam is common. You must also be aware that bike lanes and paths still need to be improved if you are a rider.
  12. Perhaps just like any other location in the United States, public transport needs major investment to cater to population demands. However, there is a light rail system that connects downtown to midtown, the Museum District, Rice University, NRG Par, and the Medical Center.
  13. Gun laws are quite loose. The condition is to respect the concealed carry laws. We here at Alamo Key & Lock offer locksmith services in Houston Texas including installation of gun safes.
  14. Some people may like Beyoncé in the United State (North to South and East to West) and yet, Beyoncé is loved by Houstonians who are proud that she was and born raised in Houston TX. She is our local girl.
  15. Perhaps the greatest asset we have here is “The People, Houstonians” we are known for our friendly attitude. To prove a point, just ‘Say Hi’ when you visit us here (please do mention this article because we offer emergency locksmith services twenty-four hours a day seven days a week, and thus may think that you are calling us as a valued customer).

There is so much more to Houston than meets the eye. And we certainly couldn’t do justice to this great city if we were to try to share what the city offers in a single article.

At least you now know 15 unique fun facts about Houston Texas. And should you decide to move here, then keep in mind that Alamo Key & Lock offers residential, automotive, emergency and commercial locksmith solutions, basically, you can call upon our licensed locksmiths who can provide a thorough security audit for your new address, as well as change or rekey the locks at affordable rates. We are looking forward to seeing you here in Houston Texas United States of America

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