Just imagine a thieve strolling down the street and seeing a garage door wide open. That scene is like an open house invitation for that thieve. Because garages can be underrated treasure troves of all manner of valuable items in storage or one or more cars that are dear to every owner’s heart. Garages are usually neglected in the overall domestic security mechanisms and they can easily become prey to burglary, or any such would-be attack on you and your family. Most garages are also connected to the rest of the house and therefore pose a hazard if a burglar gets access to that part of your Houston property allowing him / her access to the rest of the house.

As a homeowner, it is vital to note that many burglars actually scout out and prefer garages because they know it is easier to gain access and also escape through garages. Many Houstonian homeowners do not invest in a proper lock system for their garage, and sometimes keep that important part of the house poorly lit as well.

Furthermore, due to the way manufacturers create garages and garage doors, locking systems aren’t taken into account as a critical part of garages. When our garage locksmiths go out to serve our valued customers in Houston facing locking problems with their garage, we get to see the locks the garages have, and we can confidently tell you “triple check your garage locks and invest in better ones before it too late”.

Below you will find some useful tips and insights to amp up the security in an otherwise neglected part of a house “garages”.

Windows = The Eyes Of Your Houston Home

When possible try to prevent having windows (even smaller ones) in a garage as they can be the first targeted entry point for someone looking to gain access to your garage or home. There are always other ways to ensure proper ventilation that does not require creating a security risk. If you must have windows, try to have them closer to the ceiling so they are harder to reach and make sure they are tinted so it’s hard to see when looked inside. Sometimes a sneak peek is enough to convince a burglar stealing items from your house is a good payday.

You can also consider adding a grill or metal cover over the window so it cannot be accessed by simply breaking the glass. Shatter-proof glass is another good option as well as it is very hard to break by hand or tools and the process would create enough noise to trigger an alarm. As always, when looking for garage locksmiths in Houston Texas simply get in touch with Alamo Key & Lock

There Are Many Different Types Of Garage Locks

At the end of the day, you need to install a lock system of some sort, and depending on your budget you can invest in better more durable, and more secure locks and keys (including for garage doors that operate remotely). Many homes in Houston Texas have installed smart security systems (e.g. biometric ones with CCTV surveillance cameras) and those are undoubtedly one of the best options available on the USA market. You can also install an automated budget-friendly alarm system if you don’t want to invest in complete high-tech home security systems. There are also new perhaps more cost-effective doorbell cameras that can add another layer of security acting as a deterrent for thieves.

For homeowners not looking to make the kind of investment that accompanies complete smart security technology, traditional deadlocks requiring a Master of Maison key also work well. Employ vigilance in changing locks every now and then if you have security concerns and also carry out routine rekeying and maintenance as you see fit. Better outdoor lighting around the garage and garden is also a proven deterrent for most burglars.

Extra Steps To Consider

When a garage door (automated or otherwise), use multiple padlocks on it and also use internal bolts and locks so it is very time-consuming to pick all of them and gain access. Using different locks also works well as it deters any potential burglar from attempting to enter the garage as they risk getting caught. Clearing around garages so it’s clearly visible when entering is also a smart idea to keep in mind.

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