Okay, you’ve got everything in order, ready, packed, passports are valid, kids miraculously packed without you asking them over and over again if they’ve packed the necessities, everyone is excited about the well deserved holiday you all have been patiently waiting for. Time has arrived, ready to go to the airport, you have plenty of time before you check in so you go around the house one more time to double-check if the doors and windows are really locked.

A common scenario for us Americans when we are leaving for our holidays, however, would be thieves lurking in our Houston community who are planning other things during holiday seasons. Unsecured homes and businesses to break into.

Anyone leaving for a holiday is naturally concerned about the security of their house or business premises while absent. There are a few techniques that can help your mind be at ease regarding safety measures as well as locksmith services in Houston TX.

Minimize The Signs Of Being Away

Even though the holiday season is generally one for festive cheer and joy, be careful of broadcasting that you will be away from your home or will be out of town. For this reason, you should have your social media accounts set on private so only friends and family are aware of this or neighbors you actually know and trust. Publicly shared posts of holidays abroad and daily updates might be giving useful information to burglars scoping the area for empty residences.

Timely Preparation Is The Key

If for any reason you usually keep large sums of money at home or other valuables you may want to transfer these to a Houston bank or a relative you trust. Even jewelry should not be left at home even if you have people looking after the house or someone checking in every now and then. Banks and other trusted institutions have special holding facilities for things like jewelry, antiques, and other valuables.

Surely, there are hundreds of things to check to pack, however, because of this, overlooking important safety matters may occur. You should make sure you lock all the windows and doors, although this may sound like an obvious and silly thing to remember, in many cases, smaller windows like those in the basement or skylights end up being ignored. Any small opening can be an entryway for a burglar and they can possess the equipment to pry open most kinds of windows also.

Research into iron-enforced doorways as well as aluminum windows as opposed to wood-framed ones if security is a concern in Houston Texas neighborhoods where crime rates are higher, or you have many valuable items on display units. It is also handy to have a professional Houston TX locksmith come and inspect the premises in case any lock is damaged and to provide you with an overall security check.

Smart Security And Access Control

In today’s world, smart security systems are proven to provide better protection against burglars. An access control system verified by thumbprint, audio, pin or facial recognition will better protect you from nearly all kinds of theft attempts. Furthermore, we can install CCTV cameras and connect them to your mobile phone to be updated in real-time of any suspicious activity on your property regardless of where you are holidaying in the world.

There are also other techniques such as special bulbs which sense movement and then light up and also house lighting which is pre-programmed to light up to give the impression that occupants are still in the house. It is often these security procedures which at first glance seem insignificant that can discourage potential burglars because all of the above insights if not taken care of can open up security holes for your Houston TX home or business.

Installing alarms that automatically connect to nearby police stations or security services is also a great idea. Although most Houstonians do not want to invest in such security measures, it is still worth considering even if it’s just for your holiday period. Also, these security companies provide prominently visible signs (along the lines of ‘protected by so and so company) to be displayed on a door or gate which also acts as a powerful deterrent to potential would be thieves.

Seek Advice From A Professional Houston Locksmith

Finally, you can seek advice from a professional Houston locksmith company about a home or business security and or installing access control systems as well as other measures such as deadlocks which are harder to break into. It is a small investment on your part, but at least, having a higher level of security particularly while you are on holiday is worth the investment. After all, your focus while away should be to enjoy your time with family and friends.

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