It would be like a prison, a home without windows. And yet, windows are often a neglected aspect of security systems in most properties (residential or commercial) in Houston because most people concentrate cameras on dark corners or in doorways and tend to ignore the fact that window locks and security concerns should be as important as they are much easier to break into than a typical door.

Some modern window designs (ones usually installed for aesthetics) can sometimes be more of a burglar risk as they may have flimsy locks. Older designs like French windows are also a burglar’s cloud nine since they have multiple small glass pieces that can be easily broken and separated from the window’s frame and hinges, especially the ones that face the outside making them easier to dismantle.

Window Related Issues To Be Aware Of

Many windows are expansive (sliding windows for example) using a great deal of glass which can be effortlessly broken or tampered with. Many window designs also do not allow for larger locks to be installed as they would interfere with the overall ‘decorative look’ and the molding on many windows also makes it easier to push the glass in.

Many times cameras and alarms are not fitted on windows as they are too numerous (depending on the size of the house or building) as it would be too costly to fit them all. Smaller windows such as the ones in the basement or kitchen can also provide an entryway for someone to get in and then unlock the main door. Many burglars are contortionists which means they can maneuver and enter through windows and small openings like Rats.

Window Security Tips By Alamo Key & Lock Locksmiths

  • Deadbolt locks with double cylinders are an excellent choice for window locks. They are definitely pricer than simpler window latches but they are time-consuming and complicated to crack and you’ll sleep a lot better at night knowing there are no weak spots in your house that can be used to ill advantage. Double cylinder deadbolts are also great since they need access from two sides which a regular deadbolt doesn’t. Regardless of the one you choose, deadbolts still perform better than regular locks during a security breach.
  • Hinges are another unavoidable aspect of securing your windows against possible burglars. Use hinges that cannot be dislocated from the exterior, ones with screw or stud hinges only accessible from the inside of the dwelling.
  • Standard locks are not useful in large windows as the ease of access is high and the larger the size of the window the more likely a burglar will simply bypass the lock picking altogether and use a drill or another tool to gain entry. Metal rods or any other 3-point locking mechanism can be a much better choice. Locks with metal rods typically extend to the length of the window making them much harder to break into.
  • Mortise locks are another brilliant option as they are installed inside a metal pocket that is completely inaccessible to anyone from the exterior of the window.
  • Last but not least, look into the quality of the glass used in your home (consider replacing it with shatter-proof and more durable versions) if you are renting it long term or are a new homeowner. Glass that is resistant to impact not only survives weather-related harsh elements but makes the lives of burglars very difficult as it takes a lot of time and noise to attempt to break into such windows.

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Locksmith Solutions For All Types Of Windows (Residential Or Commercial)

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